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...i'd like to blame...

My entire friendslist, with special nods to devinmoonshine, schmevil, blueracoon and thete1 for the fact I have officialy bookmarked five HP archives of Snape and Lupin fic.

And blueracoon? You are TOTALLY not helping here, you see this, right?

Because really, it's not like I'm not busy enough.

Stupid, theirloveissoweird Snape/Lupin and theirloveissofuckingbizarreIcan'tresist Snape/Harry.

And don't get me started on the Sirus/Lupin either.

*looks* And nary a het in the set.

*buries head in hands* I'm doing this logically. I'm working down Te's rec page.

I'm so going to hell. Fifteen year old Clark giving blowjobs is starting to seem really cute and pure....

I need an icon for these kind of psychotic breaks.
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