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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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...i'd like to blame...
My entire friendslist, with special nods to devinmoonshine, schmevil, blueracoon and thete1 for the fact I have officialy bookmarked five HP archives of Snape and Lupin fic.

And blueracoon? You are TOTALLY not helping here, you see this, right?

Because really, it's not like I'm not busy enough.

Stupid, theirloveissoweird Snape/Lupin and theirloveissofuckingbizarreIcan'tresist Snape/Harry.

And don't get me started on the Sirus/Lupin either.

*looks* And nary a het in the set.

*buries head in hands* I'm doing this logically. I'm working down Te's rec page.

I'm so going to hell. Fifteen year old Clark giving blowjobs is starting to seem really cute and pure....

I need an icon for these kind of psychotic breaks.

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No Snape/Lupin!

The greasy git better keep his hands *off* the werewolf if he knows what's good for him.

Sirius/Remus is the One True Way. Theirloveissocanon!

::cuddles Remus and sends Snape off to wash his hair::


Read Sirius/Remus off Te's website. So--gah. Dammit. DAMMIT.

I'm NOT OTPing in this place. I'm NOT. But damn. So good.



*passes you marshmallows, fans the flames*

Fifteen year old Clark giving blowjobs is starting to seem really cute and pure....


Have you bookmarked http://www.bantrim.net/ yet for Seeker's hotter-than-the-flames-of-hell-really fics?

*maniacal laughter*

If you're looking for hetfic, there's a lovely Lucius one by cortese to be found via http://www.io.com/~cortese/stories. Lucius, the Shopgirl, and the Empress of Ireland is pass-protected, but you can email her for the password stating that you're over 18. It's worth the trouble, imho.

Re: *passes you marshmallows, fans the flames*

Seeker's hotter-than-the-flames-of-hell-really fics

Why oh why didn't I see this three hours ago?

*looks at clock ticking away towards midnight*
*peeks at site*
*looks at alarm set for 6AM*

Damn you.

Re: *passes you marshmallows, fans the flames*


I'm so already there, hon! I was officially inducted some time ago...

Re: *passes you marshmallows, fans the flames*

This is a conspiracy to drive me insane, isn't it?

*shocky* I don't NEED another fandom!

*sneaks off with bookmarks*

Musn't forget the Harry/Draco -- here's the fic that converted me, Underwater Light, from the author of the infamous Draco, the Amazing Bouncing... Rat?.

*giggles and adds* Just found Julad. Must lick her feet soon. Dammit, she's good in any fandom. This is getting a little desperate.

*Looking at Julad's page* Damn you too!

I don't know who Julad is and won't worry about it. But reading down the page, I see others have recced Lust Over Pendle and Tissue of Silver, thereby saving me the trouble of tracking down the links.

And blueracoon? You are TOTALLY not helping here, you see this, right?

*falls over giggling* oops. was I supposed to help? I can provide more fic recs if you want!

*eyes suspiciously* Your'e enjoying this FAR too much.

And yes, I would. *looks stubborn*

Did I hear the word "het?" Hehehe.

http://www.geocities.com/kalinalea/buriedsummary.htm (Snape/Hermione)

http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=532103&chapter=22 (Snape/Hermione...still a WIP, but *so* worth it)

http://www.mcamy.net/snapefic/honor/honor.html (More Snape/Hermione)

http://members.verizon.net/~vze3kcjz/bnw/bnwindex.html (Snape/OFC, of all things, but no Mary Sue)

(More? Just ask. I think I may also have links to all possible good stories - over 50K - for Snape/Harry, Snape/Lupin, Snape/Black, and Black/Lupin. Plus others. *g*)

*blinks, shocky*

Send them to me? *like addict for fix* Don't make me see Snapempreg being a label again, please? I dont think my brain can absorb that kind of trauma again.

Where were you when I was howling at the moon? Snape/Lupin is my absolutely OTP. Up to now I found the Parapet and Moonshadow the best SS/RL archives. Have you tried the fics Wicked Game, and the Skull Beneath the Skin and Closer to Redemption and No choise of Poison and... *pants*

I was on Moonshadow last night, trying to find names I vaguely recognized.

Feel oh so free to rec.

It's just a hobby, she says to self.

I know!!!!! I'm such a perv! The Snape/Harry WILL send me to hell, but it's my HP OTP, dammit. Especially when Harry's a cat. Huh? I'm such a "Bittersweet Potion" addict. Kill me now.

No. Nevermind. *points at Te* She did it. Her fault. "My recs list is safe," she said. Yep. Safe like heroin. *checks into rehab*

Te's a rec demon or something. I said< I just want ot see what's out there.

At two thirty this morning, aware I have to get up at six thirty? Riiight.


You have, of course, read Tissue of Silver by fearlessdiva. If not, go to her LJ and check her Memories. She started posting it in November of last year. *points* Go! Read! What are you still doing here?

*glances up at comments*

Oh. Reading all of that first.


Thanks for the link.

*looks at all the links*

This is how it starts, isn't it?

*worried, very very worried*

*darkly booming voice* YES.

Ah! SNarry fics another one of my OTPs

If you want the bizarreness of Harry/Snape here a are a few classics:
1) Anything by Sushi, http://societyhappens.com/sushi/ especially her Civil War series.
2) Anything by Telenu http://remembrall.slashcity.net/~telanu/shop.html She actually started the whole Harry/Snape paring.
3) A Bittersweet Potion http://rodentfancy.com/fanfic/index2.shtml
4) If You Are Prepared by Cybel http://www.swish-n-flick.netfirms.com/images/coverpages/iyap_cover.htm Just bring Kleenex and alcohol and a good anti-depressant. (I'm really not kidding, if you don't want sad don't read this)

And finally for something completely different:
Lust over Pendle by A.J. Hall http://ajhall.shoesforindustry.net/ It's actually Draco/Neville but it is one of the best fics I've ever read. And as a bonus nobody else writes them well so you won't get stuck with another ship to love

Re: Ah! SNarry fics another one of my OTPs

Okay, you people are like crack, but the better kind than my wading through archives.

*marks down recs and gets ready for reading*

Thank you!

Just to weigh in and assist your imminent damnation: I have a fairly detailed recs page for Harry Potter fic, more-or-less sorted by pairing.

(I'm a friend of schmevil and found you on friendsfriends.)

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