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i always know how much fun I had by the amount of foot pain

After going through A Very Special Security Check at Midway last night (as V's ID was stolen), we arrived home into a balmy 50 degrees after leaving snow-filled Chicago. Let me just point out, in six years, as soon as Child graduates, I have chosen where I will live. Surely I can manipulate him into going to Northwestern.

(I would recommend A Very Special Security Check. Despite how it sounds, there is a neat box they put V into to blow air at her, then residue testing of her things. I was very fast. Honestly, might be faster than regular security, if you can ignore the terror of someone finding your lighter you accidentally left under your laptop.)

Whee Art!

goss made awesome art inspired by The Tale of the Sea Serpent here. Which is oh my God so gorgeous. She also made me a bookcover version that will actually probably inspire me to update my webpage for the first time in--some long period of time less than a year.

I am tired and my feet hurt and legs hurt, which is proof I had a marvelous time. My thanks to lovely svmadelyn for being an awesome tour guide and everyone at dinner on Saturday who were deeply awesome and I will report on later as it involves dragons.

I am still sleepy. Anyone want to recommend Merlin fic I missed?
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