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i keep forgetting to be cold
children of dune - leto 1
I'm curled up warm on a rug in Chicago and watching the snow fall.

My relationship with snow is like anyone's relationship with a miracle: startled awe and not a little fear cut with a general sense of unreality. Who expects ice falling from the sky? People not born and raised in the south, that's who. I got up this morning finally before eight feeling too awake and bothered svmadelyn for keys to go to the 7 Eleven for coffee and trip over piles of white fluff like marshmallow cream piled messy around the doors and by unexpected corners. It was still perfect and still falling, and I slid through pristine white bewildered by the flakes melting into the sleeves of my coat.

It's taking my breath away.

We're going to get cupcakes and then to the museum to look at--something, I have n idea why, I don't have a relationship with art more complex than pretty and what is that? Really?

I, for one, imagine the cupcakes will be very, very good. And the person looking blankly at anything abstract and saying blankly "Very interesting," while covered in snow, well, that will be me and you know, that will be good, too.

(svmadelyn and V are getting along a little too well. I cannot prove they are going to leave me friendless and alone in the snow, but it could happen. Also, I left my phone on the plane (yes, go ahead, laugh), so I could be abandoned to die very easily. At least I have snow, which I understand standing under could be dangerous? I am pondering this eventuality.)

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My first winter here in New England I was just astonished and mesmerized by the stuff. (Also, I thought it was possible that all the trees and plants had actually died and would never be green again -- what? it made sense at the time! I didn't understand that it would snow straight through March and that we wouldn't see leaves on trees again until May!)

Actually, I still adore snow. For all that my body was designed to live in the heat, my mind and heart find snow endlessly awesome.

Don't think of it as 'ice' so much as 'white rain'. It makes it a lot easier.

What is this "snow" thing you speak of? I am suspicious.

*smacks you and huddles back under covers*


Oh, it gets chilly here, we just don't need SHOVELS in order to participate in the world. *boggles*

Hi. If you see anything awesome in Chicago, you'll post about it, yes? I'm going next weekend for the first time by myself (to interview for grad school, actually, but I'll have all of Saturday to explore) and haven't yet determined what I'm going to do.

I sometimes host couchsurfers in Chicago so if you need some ideas I could help. Just let me know what you're into... Chicago's good for architecture & art and is really a city of neighborhoods. The one thing all of my couchsurfers loved was having a drink in the lounge at the top of the Hancock building. Great views, and cheaper than paying for the observatory.

Oooh, helpful. I can do museum-y stuff, yeah. I am a Southerner, so the potential cold sort of frightens me, and I'm looking for inside, mostly. I'm staying right by the Northwestern medical center, and I don't want to spend too much time getting from place to place, since I still have to fly out Saturday evening.

I tried Google but I couldn't figure out where the medical center is because there's so many Northwestern sites. If you're in the city and not way up in Evanston (which would take you an hour on the El to get to the loop) getting around should be easy. And if you are really that freezing there's lots of cabs in the loop.

The Art Institute is free through the end of February. It's best known for its impressionist collection but it has a lot of famous paintings like "American Gothic", "Nighthawks," Monet's haystack series and the huge Seurat that you've seen before. But it also has these cool miniature rooms hidden away, armor and some more applied arts like stained glass, textiles & furniture. The Modern Art Museum isn't worth it if you have a short time.

The Mexican Art Museum always free) in Pilsen is really cute and fun but a bit more of a hike. It's right off the pink line but if you don't have much time it may be too far.

The Science & Industry & Field Museum are pretty great too depending on what you're into. The aquarium is awesome except that the huge exhibit with dolphins etc. is closed until the Spring.

If you're at the hospital on Chicago Ave. try to head to Portillo's for a Chicago hot dog, yum. It will be too cold for your fragile Southern temperament for an architectural walking tour but you can see a good overview of the city from the Hancock building's lounge on the 95/96th floor.

If you're here on the weekend and want to see some comedy I always recommend "Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind" on the North side.

I hope that helps! Have fun and ring a hat and scarf!

Oops, sorry. Yup, it's Chicago Ave. Thanks so much! I think free art is totally the way to go. And hot dogs!

So you're the one who brought the snow! We were doing so well for the last week or so. If you're not into art you might still like the miniture rooms or armor hall at the art institute.

Aww! You could get a pay as you go phone. If you can locate a Best Buy or Walmart, you should be able to get one fully loaded for a month for < $40.

This reminds me of watching the freshmen from warmer climes on campus stand in the Oval the first time it snows.

And I share the same relationship with art. And now I want cupcakes. :)

You got into Chicago for the prettiest snow fall of the year, I think. I went outside to get my laundry last night, and was a little surprised to see how much had fallen.

I love this post because it creates such a vivid emotional picture. I found myself smiling at the idea that snow, something so commonplace to me, can be such a wonder to others. Then I saw that you are in Chicago, and that the snow you are so amazed by is in fact my snow, the snow I cursed at driving to work this morning. Maybe next time, I will try to regain some of that awe.

SNOW you say, I`ts minus 26 degrees Celsius and i have almost 4 feet of snow outside my door right now. And the snowing is still going strong - I don`t want to go outside but I`ll have to eventually...Arrgh..I`m turning into the abominable snowman/woman as we speak..lol..;D
Icy cold snuggles from Jax...


I am not going to be able to make dinner or brunch :( So I will not get to hug you in person this week.

I am lame.

But enjoy my city in all its zomg freezing glory!

Also, I still have your leather coat in my closet.

Please excuse me as I am merely watching your journal for the fics and recs, BUT:

Have you canceled your phone service? I recently dropped mine in an airport, and someone else picked it up and racked up $250 in long-distance calls to India that I was told were my responsibility to pay, because I didn't immediately put my account on hold!

And also, I know your feelings about snow. Just a few days ago we had hail half the size of your hand in Georgia. I've never in all my life seen such.

Did you see the Giacomettis at the Art Institute? They're my favorites, particularly Portrait of Caroline.

I was raised in North Dakota so snow.. eh. We were more concerned about how fast the wind was blowing.

I've had a few close calls with my PDA, so I sorta feel your pain. My life is on there! Fortunately protected but still! Setup has taken years.

Hi there! I remember you from dinner last night and I totally think we should be friends or I might cry a little.

Added! Well, as of right now!

Also, I left my phone on the plane


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