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oh the tragical angst and also, merlin rec. that's new and exciting

*eyes fic*

I don't know about the advisability of starting any fic* while moodily listening to Breaking Inside by Shinedown and finding your sentences have picked up the rhythm of the chorus. I sent the results to tricksterquinn and let me point out, when anyone sends you back really happy Jack/TARDIS fic in reaction, well. Yeah.

Theory of a Deadman may not be an improvement. *eyes playlist* Yeah. Hi.

(I've always had the faint hope that eventually I'd retreat to a musical selection not based on destructive rage, but so far, I'm seeing no sign of this. I was promised that my thirties would not be so close to fourteen through nineteen, and apparently, it was all lies.)

Read this instead of my moping about my tragic frustration with the universe, okay?

Drastically Redefining Protocol by rageprufrock - Merlin/Arthur and if you aren't reading this, uh, why?

Hands up--did Arthur leave that iphone to be found deliberately to force the issue? Tell me you were not thinking it, because I was. I can't figure out how else it happened if he had it when he was leaving. I mean, okay, here's the thing. I do not love my phone like I do my laptop, but if I had an iphone, I'd have that thing physically attached to me in some way, and anyone who has ever seen me clutching my laptop to my chest with my teeth bared knows that if I do not have it in my arms crooning to it, I know exactly where it is (either in my hotel room or being hated by svmadelyn, who whimpers about the touchpad).

*hands* Just you know. I am suspicious like that.

(Also, is that pdf file of the Vanity Fair supposed to be findable easily? The JPGs were not working and I checked the directory and what do you know, pdf and readable. Thank God and small favors. Just a note for anyone who silently hated those damned JPGs and getting them big enough to read was a bit of a chore.)

ETA: So we are all about the substitute driver? I like that. Let's go with it.

*yes, mercurydraconix, that is your sea serpent fic. I--sorry? We know it's eventually happy, yes? Yes.

ETA: added in the cut to avoid spoiling about the thing with the thing and who did it. Also, I have moved to Things Fall Apart by Hurt. . We are about three steps from Bodies Like Sheep, which may actually be relieved, because I find that one really really cheering when singing the chorus. Do with that what you will.
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