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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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oh the tragical angst and also, merlin rec. that's new and exciting
*eyes fic*

I don't know about the advisability of starting any fic* while moodily listening to Breaking Inside by Shinedown and finding your sentences have picked up the rhythm of the chorus. I sent the results to tricksterquinn and let me point out, when anyone sends you back really happy Jack/TARDIS fic in reaction, well. Yeah.

Theory of a Deadman may not be an improvement. *eyes playlist* Yeah. Hi.

(I've always had the faint hope that eventually I'd retreat to a musical selection not based on destructive rage, but so far, I'm seeing no sign of this. I was promised that my thirties would not be so close to fourteen through nineteen, and apparently, it was all lies.)

Read this instead of my moping about my tragic frustration with the universe, okay?

Drastically Redefining Protocol by rageprufrock - Merlin/Arthur and if you aren't reading this, uh, why?

Hands up--did Arthur leave that iphone to be found deliberately to force the issue? Tell me you were not thinking it, because I was. I can't figure out how else it happened if he had it when he was leaving. I mean, okay, here's the thing. I do not love my phone like I do my laptop, but if I had an iphone, I'd have that thing physically attached to me in some way, and anyone who has ever seen me clutching my laptop to my chest with my teeth bared knows that if I do not have it in my arms crooning to it, I know exactly where it is (either in my hotel room or being hated by svmadelyn, who whimpers about the touchpad).

*hands* Just you know. I am suspicious like that.

(Also, is that pdf file of the Vanity Fair supposed to be findable easily? The JPGs were not working and I checked the directory and what do you know, pdf and readable. Thank God and small favors. Just a note for anyone who silently hated those damned JPGs and getting them big enough to read was a bit of a chore.)

ETA: So we are all about the substitute driver? I like that. Let's go with it.

*yes, mercurydraconix, that is your sea serpent fic. I--sorry? We know it's eventually happy, yes? Yes.

ETA: added in the cut to avoid spoiling about the thing with the thing and who did it. Also, I have moved to Things Fall Apart by Hurt. . We are about three steps from Bodies Like Sheep, which may actually be relieved, because I find that one really really cheering when singing the chorus. Do with that what you will.

There are .pdfs??? Damn! My eyes are still crossed from reading the tiny print of that Vanity Fair last night...

I KNOW. Get the drp directory and it's there. Thank God in heaven. I downloaded that this morning in an orgy of relief. I CAN READ THE DAMN THING NOW.

Corrected to drp directory.

Edited at 2009-02-15 08:26 pm (UTC)

I was totally thinking that Arthur had left the iPhone back on purpose, but on the other hand--I mean, that's the only explanation, and yet I can't really picture him forcing Merlin into that sort of corner, at least not until they'd had everything worked out between them. And yet...maybe...if he was truly worried about being steamrolled by Uther...so basically, yeah, I think you can argue he was the one who arranged for it to be found.

Yes. And I mean, even if not deliberate, maybe a passive-aggressive absentmindedness? I don't know. I just couldn't figure out how that iphone got to anyone else otherwise. If he left it in the car, his security would have gotten it, so. *helpless*

really?? I totally imagined Gwen, in her misguided attempt to be all romantic and stuff, somehow got hold of that pictures. well, her or the Queen of Denmark--you know she find that oddly sweet and also hilarious, puffing out smoke rings*g* also, how the hell are you reading this masterpiece just now?? I've reread it 10 times already and I'm still mooning over Vanity Fair article like a teenage girl high on sugar and boy-bands

I read it when she opened it, and the Vanity Fair. But man, did my eyes hurt. The PDF of the article was so much easier and fun to read without straining.

I always thought it was that substitute driver. Maybe it fell from his pocket. And omg I lost 200€ which I had in the pocket of my jeans the other day so I hate pockets now.

Ooh, yes, the sub! I forgot about that!

I would agree with him deliberately leaving his phone--case point, I will not leave my house without my phone, and if I do, I know that there is something wrong, immediately--except for the fact that Arthur's been prince for how long? There would be no way he would do that to Merlin, because he would be aware of the potential fallout. As well as the fact that the pictures he took, they weren't lewd or anything, but they were a very apparent sign of Arthur's affections, and considering his dislike of the media, I doubt that he would deliberately leave the pictures for the pap to find. Perhaps, unconsciously...? But that still leaves the question of where he had left his phone behind...

Also, my back and head hurt from squinting and practically crawling into my screen in order to read the Vanity Fair article.

veery good point. And use the PDF, seriously. You will then not want ot die.

I don't really think Arthur left his iPhone on purpose. He doesn't come across as a kind of guy who'd want strangers to read his personal emails, and he'd be far too possessive to allow them to stare at the naked pictures of his future HAB. He seemed to have become very forgetful since he met Merlin: first forgetting to return the lighter, then forgetting his watch, then the iPhone... It must be love or just general Merlin!effect :)

God, thanks for pointing out the pdf location! All the art was lovely but these particular pictures were killing my eyes. Having a normal version when I get to reread this story again will be awesome.

Yes, this. On both, actually.

I forgot about the sub driver. Good call on that one.

So, I think you should immediately go online and download Glory of Love by Peter Cetera. [nods seriously] Because a) so perfect, and b) a bit less destructively-ragey than what it sounds it sounds like you're listening to. [grins]

It's like a knight in shining armor
From a long time ago

Ooh. Yes. Getting it now. I love that song. ANd it will balance the bit where there seems to be guitars being broken while someone wails about pain and yes, I did actually pull out Fall Apart by Hurt because my teen angst is angsty.

Want me to send you the fic if you aren't busy? Not beta, just to look at and marvel I can take something as pure as a sea serpent and go so very, very wrong.

I just assumed that Arthur lost his phone when he was out and about, hidden, with Merlin, but then, maybe I wasn't reading closely enough. I may have been too busy clapping my hands and bouncing in my seat and going, "HOLY SHIT THIS IS GORGEOUS" over and over again to really notice.


I might just have to go and re-read, you know. So I can catch all the things I missed. *shifty eyes*

*solemn* I advocate close readings.

The JPGs were not working and I checked the directory and what do you know, pdf and readable.

Bless you, darling woman, bless you.

As for the whole iPhone thing . . . I figured he's a prince, so use to having expensive things and loosing them that a phone probably wouldn't matter. But like you, I always know where my laptop is. Phone, eh, not so much.

I was so excited when I saw that I almost cried. Just. My eyes.

And point on the phone.

I'm disturbingly protective of my laptop and iPod touch as well, but I've also been known to shove things at a pocket of my bag that isn't actually open without looking when I'm rushing. I made this mistake on the subway on my way home from Brooklyn once and had to go back to spend an hour scouring the station for my phone at eight pm.

It was never found. Poor phone. :(

Send me the updates for it! Also, you should so send me your playlist - I specialize in doomy music and I don't think I have any of what you're mentioning, so clearly this needs to be rectified.

I will send you happy Jack/TARDIS fic any time you need it. Just take it like roses or chocolates, ok? ;)

Could I also have a link to the Jack/TARDIS happy fic? *doe eyes of extreme hopefulness* *assorted pleading*

if you aren't reading this, uh, why?

I'mnot sure whether you mean this rhetorically, but I'm not reading this because it is a modern AU, and I rarely enjoy AUs much that remove what's central for me about a source, likeno-magic HP AUs, no-Force SW AUs, no-senses TS AUs...

It's one of those that doesn't take away the central premise.

I actually assumed it was a plot mistake. *Merlin* lost his phone when they were deluged by paparazzi at the hospital, just before Gaius rescues them in the town car. I figured that's where they got the pics etc.

Totally the substitute driver. The driver has no institutional loyalty -- he doesn't even know where he's going -- and between the looming confrontation with Uther and his lurv for Merlin, Arthur's a mess. I was particularly struck by this sentence:

Arthur had taken one, at the end, of Merlin's lashes, a sweet, dark sweep over his pale cheek, the tenderness in it, the slight blur around the edges, had been shocking and embarrassing and he'd nearly erased it, hands shaking as he'd gone down to the car that morning.

Shaking hands + daddy issues = lost cell phone & global outing of scandalous gay tryst.

I totally thought the exact thing regarding Arthur's "mysteriously" disappearing iPhone and conveniently intimate photographs. I think there's additional evidence in the media, either in the Vogue article or the other accompanying article, something about Arthur "knowing exactly what he was doing" regarding Merlin, specifically referencing calling for a car to get him in the initial frenzy.