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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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merlinrec - loss, and the finding by shinetheway
children of dune - leto 1
So normally, I deal with bad weeks (or two) by writing melancholy, mediocre porn in which two characters have miserable orgasms and sometimes smoke (and bring about a cataclysm, if it's Lex Luthor). Ah. And while yes, I am doing that (except no one is smoking, as it hasn't been invented yet, or something), there was this. Because shinetheway is the most awesome person ever.

Loss, And the Finding by shinetheway, Merlin/Arthur, which is the sequel to my fic Pendragon in which bandits kidnap Merlin. Which you know, that ended well for them, don't you think? And by that, I mean, this is gorgeous. You can probably read this without reading mine, but you cannot, cannot read mine without reading hers next. Trufax.

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Oh. You. I just.

[is blushing too hard to speak]

[hugs hard]

I am so, so, SO happy you liked it. SO glad. I really hoped that you would, that it would be the kind of thing that would maybe make a crappy week better, and knowing that you like it is making me all giddy and happy (and making my own somewhat-tiring week a bit better, too! [grin]).

[hugs some more]

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