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It is Friday and I am staring at something I wrote yesterday in some fit of hideously purple sap that is making me blush to read. It's not even sexual. It's five pages of fully-dressed cuddling.

And I still find it cute.

*facepalm* I blame Friday for putting me in a sappy mood. It's embarrassing to coo at one's story.

(Yes, chopchica, that one, but moreso. I suddenly realized it wasn't done.)

In other news--God, I wish I had other news. It has been a long week and I have to get ready to visit svmadelyn next week and did I mention I'm bringing my soon-to-be-married friend V and they are going to love each other at first meeting and break up with me and I will have no friends?

I am totally calling it. Just so everyone knows.
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