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The Toybox

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merlin recs
children of dune - leto 1
My tag for reccing is getting overfilled with things I *want* to rec and haven't yet. So.

Underdeveloped Instinct by srin - I was really surprised by how much I liked this Arthur and how much the author got in his head. I suppose this is gen? If you squint really hard.

Cross You Off My List by strangeumbrella - this I mark for both rec and re-read frequently. I can't explain it, but the slight edge of cynicism in Arthur in this story is offset by the mellowness. I really like this look in Arthur's head as well.

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Ok, I think you have to squint really, really hard to call that first one gen... but on the other hand, it may be about as gen as the show. Hm.

These are both lovely! Thank you for reccing them.

Ooh, thanks for the recs. I enjoyed both of these a lot. ♥

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