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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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The Treasury - Nomination Period Ending
children of dune - leto 1
So, finally tracked down links and finished noms. Feel productive. Even more so now that I can get to sorting and finish documenting. And sleep. God, sleep. *remembers sleep fondly*

So, twenty three hour warning--the nomination period ends at midnight CST today, so anything you want to add, you have until then. Posting of list for Round Two, Group One, By Character, starts as soon as I get the final nomination list up Saturday, which should be very soon after midnight. Celli should have fun watching this one. *g*

In other news....

Broke and got on Amazon.com. Dearest God, that place is addictive. Went in to look, left lighter in the bank accounts. I'd feel mroe guilty if I'd bought uberexpensive stuff for me, but even lots of little things add up. Dear God ,do they add up.

But I look forward to seeing Child's face when he gets a package delivered JUSt to him. *grins*

It's cool abotu Child. He has an amazing imagination. He doesnt' play catch--it's vampires or tornados are chasing him. A bouncy castle is a melting volcano he has to escape. Digging holes are ways to get to that place right below China called dinosaur world, where all the dinosaurs went.

Interesting convo between Child and me regarding real and not-real.

"Dinosaurs aren't real, Mommy."

"Where did you get that idea?"

"They aren't here. Dragons are real."

*jenn looks at child's earnest face.

"Where have you seen a dragon?"

"When I'm sleeping."

*jenn thinks*

"Okay, so--dinosaurs aren't real because they aren't here right now. But dragons are because you dream about them?"


I'm an adult, incapable of this kind of brilliant logic. But damned if it doesn't entertain me for hours.

When he's in the mood to talk, which is a LOT, just listening can be a surreal, fascinating little journey. He's still young enough to want to crawl into my lap to cuddle while he describes the various means by which he will protect me from dragons. The bloody, imaginative, really quite remarkable ways.

He didn't use the word vivisection, but tht's because he doesn't know it yet. I taught it to him today.

He still says "Mommy, I want to cuddle" and expects me to drop everything to pick him up and hold him. Which you know, unless I'm engaged in something I can't stop? I do. *grins* Or I finish what I can't stop FAST. When he's sick or scared at night, I've woken to him sleeping on top of me. And he's kind of heavy. I don't mind.

He kisses everyone good night, even people jsut visiting. He crawls into the laps of complete strangers to tell them about the vampires and dragons and monsters he'll protect them from. In vivid detail. Dear God, the detail. He has my eyes and my hair and I think he picked up some in utero me-ness in the bloodthirsty category.

He also loves the weather channel specials on disasters, especially tornados and fire-things. He likes scary movies and Disney movies and things with swords and things with dragons.

*grins* That temporary red hair dye I bought? He saw me using it and wanted to do it too, so he did. Brilliant red for a day or two, but it washed out for the most part, but he loved it while it lasted. I promised him I'd get it tipped in green this summer when his hair is a little longer, so we can cut it out before school starts.

Green, you see, is the color of his baseball team.

That's my randomness for the night. The big things I might never forget, but these things are what I want to remember later.

Sleeping late tomorrow...God yes. Mmm.

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*comes out of "A Memory of Waking" a jittery wreck*

Dear God, Jenn. *goes off to cry some more*

I left my coherence in my rec of the story. Please visit my LJ for actual sense.

Much love to you,
P.S. I promise I'll be back in chat soon, but I've gone way underground during the HP siege of my brain. I think that's for the best anyway, as it seems like the way a termite infestation must feel to wood. Perhaps when I finish my list of HP recs I'll recover my ... sanity? ... um ... standards? ... um ... decency? ... taste in fic? But I'm definitely seeing signs of rededicating myself to SV. *hugs*

*huggles* I've missed you! But you looked happy and busy, and God knows, your RL probably was taking much time....

*refuses to be sucked in by HP* *refuses to be sucked in by HP* *will not look at recs again tonight*

*hugs hard* But missed. Defintely.

Especially Arkham, as I realized I cannot write this without an audience and you, m'dear, for this one, are necessary. *g*

I love your stories about child - they remind me (and my mom, when I read a couple to her) of my niece when she was little. much the same approach to life, sports and the best imagination in the world.

I'll bet he'll be thrilled to get his very own package, especially if it has something cool in it. you're a great mom.

I think green hair is the absolute best - he'll be a major hit with his friends

You got a great big "awwwww" out of me with that story. And also brought out the I-can't-wait-to-have-a-kid part of me. *g*

Love your stories about child.

I can't wait until my little girl starts to talk, because I want to know what's on her mind.

Right now she is fascinated by this Disney show called The Wiggles. Four men,so funny and so gay. The bf said to her the other day, "You're just like your mama, you love gay men." She'll be okay as long as she doesn't start to make up stories about them.

You? Are messing with my hormones.

::whimper:: I want one!

He still says "Mommy, I want to cuddle" and expects me to drop everything to pick him up and hold him. Which you know, unless I'm engaged in something I can't stop? I do. *grins*

Aw, that's adorable, Jenn. *fond smile* I mean, I'm not a clucky gal by any stretch of the imagination, but that just makes me smile.

I love your Child stories.

Awww. He sounds great. I love kids, they're so cute. Ack!*stuffs maternal instict back in box!*

Child sounds wonderful! So many adorable babies out for the Fourth of July Parade in my town. I'm too young to have child thoughts, so I'll just read yours :)

see, if i lived even with in a 100 mile, two hour radius of you, i'd offer to babysit. really. for free. (ok, maybe just for gas money...)

cause he sounds soo cool.

must of inherieted it from his mom.


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