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The Toybox

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beta request, please
children of dune - leto 1
Hi, I need a beta for a Merlin fic? Um, below cut, there are some--warnings.

First, this is the first story in a set of probably three, unless I get ambitious beyond my means. Second, it's very plot heavy and politics heavy. Three, if you have a better knowledge of Roman history circa 200 to 400 AD, I'd be super grateful though not required. This one is about fourteen thousand and will probably hit twenty after edits. The others will be, er, probably longer. So it's sort of a contract, really. And will need lots of redlining please.

It's in extreme first draft, as in, I just finished writing the thing with a basic spellcheck. Very basic.

So. There you go. Email me at seperis at gmail if you think you might have time.

ETA: Betas gathered! Thanks for the quick response!

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