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it's like all i know of science is a dirty, filthy, methody lie

Oh My God

My son is totally going to clone this thing. I can feel it.

Excerpt: Named Titanoboa cerrejonensis, the snake would have weighed 1,140 kilograms (2,500 pounds) and measured 13 meters (42.7 feet) nose to tail tip -- dwarfing the largest modern pythons and anacondas which can grow to 6 meters (19.5 feet).

Scientists believe it slithered around the planet between 58 and 60 million years ago.

Geologist David Polly, who identified the position of the fossil vertebrae which made a size estimate possible, said in a statement Wednesday: "At its greatest width, the snake would have come up to about your hips. The size is pretty amazing.

Forty two feet long and CAN SLITHER BY AT WAIST LEVEL.

Why in the name of God am I reading CNN tech about the future destruction of mankind?

Right, it's because I cannot face my bathroom. Here is what I have learned. A carpet shampooer set to "Suck all that water up" does not, in fact, suck the water up, no matter how long you crouch beside it in hope. A lot of hope. Perhaps an excessive amount of hope.

I am just--*looks helpless*. I don't know. When I woke up this morning, snakes from mythology were still being mocked by scientists. Now, a thing I'm pretty sure I read about Apollo killing (Or Xena?) exists. I just want everyone to mull that while contemplating dragons.

I also have an uncomfortable feeling the thing I am not writing that does not involve any research into any Roman emperors may in fact not be interestingly dark so much as really creepily wrong.

You see how my life is a shambles. With snakes.


New default icon courtesy of unamaga, who gave me two Arthur icons I totally am not drooling over and is made. Of. Win. I am going to contemplate his prettiness, now, kthx.
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