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meta rec - Well, Then. *Puts on her Magical Merlin Meta Hat (tm)* by solar-cat
Well, Then. *Puts on her Magical Merlin Meta Hat (tm)* by solar_cat is an answer to thingwithwings's post on Merlin and Merlin fandom.

Interesting reading and some specific rebuttal points on Merlin and misogyny. Especially interesting is the Morgana examination, since I tend to agree with her assessment of how the show has set it up.

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The Morgana section actually twinged something for me, since it reminded me of the meta rant I came home and did after seeing X-Men 3, about how the whole Phoenix thing was set up as Jean not being trusted with the full extent of her power and Xavier dealing with the problem by trying to wall off part of her abilities rather than actually teaching her how to handle them. Women becoming "evil" because the men closest to them are horrified by what they could do if they got off the leash and try to keep their wings clipped.

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