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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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hate, and also, rec
children of dune - leto 1
Dear Livejournal,

You cut me off astolat's fic at the climatically emotional growth moment. People have rampaged for a hell of a lot less.

finishing ballpoint pen shiv,

Speaking of.

Reciprocation by astolat - Arthur's people skills leave a lot to be desired. In a very sexy way.

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I am reading it now. :D :D

Dude, was there any warning about LJ going down?

No! I dind't read anything!


Sadly, yes. They just didn't post it to useful places. lj_maintenance post, which I found referenced via LJ's twitter.

Not exactly what you would call putting the word out in the most effective way, no.

I have given up on aggregating the multiple, confusing official information sources myself, and just let the_lj_herald comm do that job for me. They even watch and interpret the changelogs to tell you about interface changes before they happen.

She posted another fic?! I was just sitting here wishing for that! *runs to read*


I KNEW THERE WAS A REASON I WAS SO DEEPLY DEPRESSED ABOUT LJ'S FAIL. (Other than not being able to get to The Accidental Seduction, which I've been wanting to reread for the ten millionth time all damn night).

I wish every day could be an astolat fic day.


I think it broke me.

[nods seriously]

I think this is a conspiracy, and between you and your fic--which I reread NINE TIMES TODAY, thank you very much, I can QUOTE parts of it, oh god I'm going to fail my classes and lose my job--and this, which I happily anticipate reading another four times or so tonight...anyway, I think I'm broken.

I may never forgive you. I may even be writing you a very-belated-birthday-story. If you want it. [shy]

hahah, never been more happy to live in another time zone!
i can read without being cut off!!!!!!

I didn't mind the scheduled downtime earlier today (as that happened while I was asleep), but somehow their maintenance didn't really improve things, because LJ is currently timing out on me half the time, instead of loading. *grump*

LJ is the worst cockblocker. *shakes fist* Damn you LJ!

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