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reminder - overheardfandom

Because I just remembered it was there, too, and after posting have been reading back through to see what I missed....

overheardfandom moderated by slodwick, is a sort of metaquotes for fangirls. This is a very subtle way to inspire posting there, since lets face it, who among us really wants to do work when we can read funny things?

Thought not.

Go. Post funny things. Don't make me actually work today, plz. I will post fic in exchange!

(Note: Got Dance Dance Revolution 2 for Child's Birthday. Did you know that the training module grades you? Did anyone know I used to get really competitive when I was in high school regarding grades? I bet you can guess how that went. OMG so much fun. You know, when I could move again after collapsing on the couch begging for an oxygen mask or death. Also, I only got up to a B. Bastards.)
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