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The Toybox

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vid rec - reach out and touch me
children of dune - leto 1
Um. Guh.

Reach Out and Touch Me, Merlin/Arthur

Um. Okay. Hands up. Who watched this five times convinced you saw them mid coitus? Don't be shy. I know it's there.

...do they really spend that much time writhing sweatily in their beds?


(courtesy of unamaga via chopchica)

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*splutter*  *raises hand*

Which leads me to a slightly different question re: five times: who watched this convinced they saw them mid-coitus at least five times before we hit the 30-second mark?

I should watch several more times to make sure!

I don't mean to be crude, but until I saw this vid, I didn't realize just how much time Merlin spent on his back.

...oh, wow, that just sounds so horrible, and yet ALL THE EVIDENCE IS THERE.

No, go for it. I had to reword my post several times so it didn't require a cut-tag for NC-17 content.


Yes. Exactly. Every time I think I've reached the limits of how much slashy content can be found in this series, another vid shows up to prove me wrongwrongWRONG. This fandom is a bottomless HOLE of slash and wow, I actually went there, God help me.

Oh god, I cannot stop laughing at your comment. So true! God this really is the best show ever.

Dude, I don't know what to giggle about more, the fact that I said it, or the fact that it is nothing less than absolutely, 100% true!

I don't mean to be crude, but until I saw this vid, I didn't realize just how much time Merlin spent on his back.

Still laughing about this, so hard.

I JUST KNEW I'd get fandom notoriety someday...I just didn't think it'd be for something like this!

It's so well-deserved, though! I'm still laughing over your comment. (You've seen If I Was Your Girl, too, right? I think that video proves your point even better than Reach Out and Touch Me).

(Deleted comment)
Did you see "If I Were Your Girl" yet?

My fandom? Totally brings the surprising amount of sexy.

(Deleted comment)
No, seriously--one of the BEST FANDOMS EVER.

Those two vids make a lovely diptych, don't they? And it makes me inordinately, shamefully happy to have so many occasions to use this particular icon in this pretty, pretty fandom.

Plus, I think I've been conditioned too much by Smallville because I saw glowing yellow eyes and immediately thought "horny".

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