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meta rec - tnh: the fail years

tnh: the fail years by chopchica

I don't know but I can make an educated guess how many people here have been reading along with the cultural appropriation and race debates going around LJ. For context, rydra_wong has a fantastic collection of links here.

Up until now, I could squint and kind of see how the defenders of tnh were seeing the situation. And to be honest, considering how often I've lost my temper online and said things I regret, I wanted to believe it wasn't--well, what it is to be honest. It's not a hotheaded reaction or--I mean, I fail this one, too. I don't know what to call concentrated malice dressed in self-righteous hypocricy.

This post isn't defensible. The comments aren't defensible. There's nothing that can justify the level of malice expressed there from what I've read over the last week in rydra_wong's links.

See link to chopchica's post for more, please.
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