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meta rec - of course everyone is just like me by trobadora
Of Course Everyone Is Just Like Me [poll] by trobadora
Just curious: When you write original characters and you don't have a reason to specifically make them gay or straight, what happens?

Interesting stuff in comments on default assumptions, in case anyone is curious. Default assumptions as a concept has been simmering in my head for a while, with an entire train of thought on writer responsibility in teh face of JK Rowling's post-canon outing of Dumbledore. It's all very confused.

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I was reading somewhere recently -- god, I DON'T EVEN REMEMBER WHERE -- that for Brits of Rowling's age, Doge's descriptions of Dumbledore had quite a bit of coded language. She may have honestly considered him to be more "out" than her readers picked up on.

I write case studies for work, which are original characters with fully formed personalities from my fertile imagination. Most of the time, if I don't specify that they are married or living with an opposite sex partner, I assume they are bisexual or gay/lesbian even if it's not directly stated in the case study.

I thought Dumbledore was in love with the beautiful Grindelwald. I absolutely thought that as I read the book, it wasn't the 20/20 hindsight most of my friends exhibited. But I couldn't hope to believe JK Rowling meant to go there, I thought she meant to go for that Rudyard Kipling "The Thousandth Man" thing, which would be oh-so-very British.


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