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it's wednesday. i'm in that kind of a mood

At some point last night while not-sleeping, I had this absolutely brilliant LJ post idea. And before anyone goes, "Why, I never think of neat narratives of my life to post in my LJ" yes, fine, well, I do. I have walked around five or so separate cities with svmadelyn running a narrative in my head of events just in case I want to post about it. Which you know, I don't, because as this story illustrates, I forget these things quickly.

(Question: for those of you who narrate your lives in your heads--is it in first person or third?)

(If your answer to the above is "For the love of God, why aren't you on medication, jenn?" then of course I don't do any sort of thing such as that. You misread it. You are interrogating the question from the wrong perspective!)

(For the rest of you, third person singular, present tense.)

Or sometimes, I think better of random, carefully considered, wildly inappropriate posting ideas, like, in that way that assures I do not get my ass handed to me on a paper plate because I am just in the mood to rant about something and something stumbled across my line of sight.

(I mean, this is why I have the twenty four hour cooling off unless I'm that sure that my flock people aren't going to say "Wow, Jenn, you're incredibly stupid. Shut up now." That, people, is not all that often.)

This is a really lengthy way of saying, I really wish I could add content here. I think it was about feedback and authorial intent? But honestly, I was sleep deprived and possibly hallucinating. For all I know, it was about the sunny side of eggs and how that relates to fannish discussion. And trust me, I can make really horrific stretchy metaphors out of anything, so it could have indeed been an essay comparing fandom to eggs.

ETA: ...I just noticed some people have friended me recently. So this is a neat way to say hi to you, and by 'neat', I mean, crazy.
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