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So I feel like I have taken some kind of weird four-steps-back thing in my fannish reading where I am using delicious for my reading needs, since it's faster than waiting for someone to fucking rec to me already and spare me pain.

(It's a sign of my current reading I keep wanting to throw out bloody for no reason, just out of context randomly, because I seriously love how it sounds. This is especially hysterical taking into account two Australian cousins who are having giggling fits every forty-five seconds or so and have no idea why. Okay, it's hysterical to me, and it involves stories of my childhood that would take years to relate, but suffice to say, it's really quite funny in my head. You really need to just trust me on this one and laugh politely. Thanks.)

Anyway, I was speaking of--right, the New and Terrifying Rec Machine that is delicious.

This is like Trekiverse all over again. I might get a summary. Probably not a good one (considering my summaries when I tag are something like "neat" and "disturbing", I still feel comfortable in judging this). Usually get a pairing. . Sometimes, get a bit more. Usually don't. Usually, I look at the number of times it's been tagged and think, ah, this must be readable.

Oh hell no. Tags lie.

I'm tempted to make a list but honestly, I love you all and that is why I feel you should fall over your own ass thinking you are going to read something about a forest or a desert or a something and get hit with like, knee-fetishes and the inappropriate use of mammals.


If I had been warned, I wouldn't have read this, and see explanation below.

Crossdressing is not my particular kink. Very much take it or leave it and leave some money on the dresser after you leave. But it's--you know, let me try it this way. I have read fic I hated and fic I liked and fic I went eh on and fic I tried to marry (and authors I sometimes stalk in my very subtle way). This is the first one I've read about six times now, both in order and out of order, and then from end to beginning (yes, I actually did). I have no idea what I think of it, to be honest. But I can say that's a fairly unique reaction. And I

Basically, I'm reccing this one on the strength of my original WTF reaction because I accidentally started in chapter five and that's why it ended up with multiple re-reads, because I was just that confused. I've never actually believed that the sins of my nineteen year old self and that terribly interesting night tripping acid outside my best friend's not-boyfriend's dorm would come back to haunt me, but this story kind of convinced me it had for at least four chapters.

Pure by doomcanary, Merlin/Arthur, Merlin/Other (sort of?), crossdressing, D/s (sort of? I'm not kidding, acid flashback), other assorted flavors of hmm. Multiple time periods. Yes, you will get used to it, but it still feels odd for a bit.

I will say, no matter what, get to the bacchanalia.
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