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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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in advance, i'm so sorry.
children of dune - leto 1
Least traumatizing but most terrifying way of explaining female menstruation to a boy ever....

Place it in context of recombinant DNA to create a lizard/mammal hybrid artifically, since I just reduced complex genetics to the concept of zippers. I so fucking made up words you have no idea. Let us all thank God and wikipedia, yeah?

You all totally want to be me right now, don't you? Right up until he asked if he can have a gene sequencer for his birthday and create an artificial womb.

...you all get one day I'm going to mysteriously vanish and later there will be a clone army of lizard/mammals, right? Just, you know, I love you all and I promise I will leave a very firm note about being kind to my flist.

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(Deleted comment)

(Plus this post was amusing, coming, as it did, right before a post about the Miles Vorkosigan series.)

I really sorta envy you for having a child like your son. I'm sure you may disagree for various reasons but he sounds brilliant beyond his years and I think if he were my son I'd probably end up raising an evil genius by encouraging his artificial womb development.

And speaking of sequencers, I need to measure my truck to see if the surplus sequencer the lab is getting will fit cause I think I've been roped into going to help pick it up.

My sons would have loved that explanation!

Instead? they grew up on a farm and, well... didn't get anything as cool as gene sequencers!! =D

Hee! Eldest asked about that a few weeks ago. The conversation went something like:

Me - Women have wombs that prepare to create life every month. If that life's not created, they have to get rid of it and build a new one.

Him - Wow. That's gotta suck.

My Partner - Yeah, but we don't have balls where people can kick them, so at least there's that.

She then went on to explain why we give women lots of chocolate (and only the good stuff) once a month for being willing to create life and, also, to stave off the hormones that make us want to kill men. He gave us a candy bar the next day.

A friend said that you had once posted/tried out a java/greasemonkey script that lets you filter flistflist as well? If it worked, could you tell me what it was, I guess like adblock it would block some URLs internet wide?

Oh, I'm sure he won't make you disappear.

He'll just turn you into a nine-story tall iguana. :D

hee! Well, at least you're giving him goals. :P

Keep him away from the Dune series for a while. It might keep you from disappearing for a bit.

I just reduced complex genetics to the concept of zippers

::blinks:: They aren't zippers? The metaphase and anaphase of animal cell mitosis looks like zippers to me.

laughs hysterically, I would love to hear more about that explanation too. I have to admit I'm fascinated to know how you got from menstruation to hybrids. Is happily puzzled, and also, what Miles Vorkosigan post? That could be interesting, grins, :D -SB

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