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my god the inhumanity

I am this close to offering sex in exchange for someone to go to the Kolache Shop and get me some damned kolache. One peach, one ham and cheese. Maybe also an apricot.

Kolache, God's perfect food.

PS, just told boss DIAF because he will not bring me kolache in exchange for actually doing work today. So far, this is not working.

PSS, the meat and cheese one is actually called a klobasnek. It is still damned delicious.

I'd settle for breakfast tacos, actually. If I had to. Though really, considering, I keep worrying (and by this I mean hoping) one day we will all wake up to a monstrous breakfast food known as the kolachtaco, because speaking as she who was forcing down terrifying saurkraut because I was told it was the food of my ancestors (this, I am convinced, is why they came to America circa Before Today; to get away from the saurkraut), my ancestors really didn't do that great with food all the time, so when they do get it right, it damn well needs celebration and you really can do anything with salsa.

...kolache rancheros. Oh hell yes.

This is brought to you by the letter H (for hungry), the letter P (for the fact I could not get peanut butter since apparently we will all die like chickens or something if we eat it now? I cannot believe my life no longer includes peanut butter cups) and the number 1, which is me. Eating cheetos, and no kolache rancheros (if you cannot see the humor in those two words written together, come on. That is awesome. Just don't add saurkraut.)

ETA: I am now out of cheetos. People should fear me.
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