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Oh, ffs....

I mean, I don't know where I want to start over from, but there is a time period back a ways that could have prevented this, I'm sure.

By this, I mean, I have what appears to be a cozy meeting with my supervisor. For an hour this afternoon. For no particular reason, she says brightly, which is kind of like saying the check's in the mail and is, in fact, a total lie.

Also of note, because this Friday utterly sucks and I want to record this for posterity:

1.) I have an egg mcmuffin. This is my favorite food. And just looking at the bag is making me vaguely ill.

2.) I am freezing and wrapped in a blanket at work. It's an ugly blanket. I can't work out which part of this bothers me more.

3.) Did I mention cozy chat with supervisor? Does she not know the economy is in shambles and cozy chats can easily be seen as death sentences?

4.) Someone came in and moved things around on my desk around and untaped my phone number list. It--disturbing. I think they were cleaning, but I am completely special snowflake on my desk things being moved. I don't even like people breathing too close to it. Also, there's porn-like fanfic here that I forgot to take with me or shred. And perhaps, someone named Seperis may have wrote it. Yeah.

5.) See 3.

6.) Received actual lab results for thyroid, TSH test thingamabob. I don't really know what a thirteen means when the normal range is like, .67 to 3.75 (ish), but going to assume that borderline I was not. I just am mystified that this could have happened in two years or the hospital missed this two times. I am sorry, if you are growing samples of my lung tissue looking for legionaires or whatever and getting all excited about new and exciting ways to describe "It's like pneumonia. Except strangely not. THIS IS VERY EXCITING FOR US DOCTORS! Why is that pillow aimed at our collective heads?" and taking some kind of weird glee in draining me of blood on a daily basis while I cling to an oxygen mask and get a very pitiful kind of high (Later, I discovered it wasn't high; I'd just forgotten what normal oxygen saturation should feel like), there is no good reason not to toss in a thyroid blood test.

7.) See 3 again.

8.) I went to bed a little late--and got up at like, two forty-five AM and fell back asleep exactly one hour and fifteen minutes before I had to get up and go to work. There are no upsides to this, with the possible exception I did get the opportunity to rewatch Arthur killing people like, six times. Christ. He just has no bad angles, does he?

9.) I'll leave this blank for the next thing to go wrong. I am just feeling that doomed.

10.) Seriously. Have you seen his back? And that way he seems to not own a single shirt that is laced up correctly? Actually, he reminds me vaguely of Peter in Prince Caspian, but without the blank horror of feeling I am getting awfully close to Ms Robinson.

11.) I'm leaving this blank too, as I'm sure I will need it.

...yeah, that's it. Sadly.
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