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this is where it all goes downhill

I have taken my first dose of levothyroxine. There have been no psychotic episodes. Am I supposed to be feeling something yet, or is this one of those things that takes some time to build? I can rock a placebo affect like no one's business.

Also, I have memorized the warnings. I am pondering hair loss. V for Vendettta y/n?

Carry on. You should all be relieved I don't have a sex life. I'm greatly worried that LJ's permanently warped the line between "friendly intimacy" and "things only your undertaker should know".

Hi. I need a beta? I frame that as a question, but it's really a declaration. I do need a beta. Merlin, roughly twelve thousand words. It picks up from the housecleaning bit that apparently was in fact part of an actual story. Who knew? I'm trying to finish the ending before tonight.

...I hate endings so much.

ETA: Betas achieved! And thank you for playing!
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