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The Toybox

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this is where it all goes downhill
children of dune - leto 1

I have taken my first dose of levothyroxine. There have been no psychotic episodes. Am I supposed to be feeling something yet, or is this one of those things that takes some time to build? I can rock a placebo affect like no one's business.

Also, I have memorized the warnings. I am pondering hair loss. V for Vendettta y/n?

Carry on. You should all be relieved I don't have a sex life. I'm greatly worried that LJ's permanently warped the line between "friendly intimacy" and "things only your undertaker should know".

Hi. I need a beta? I frame that as a question, but it's really a declaration. I do need a beta. Merlin, roughly twelve thousand words. It picks up from the housecleaning bit that apparently was in fact part of an actual story. Who knew? I'm trying to finish the ending before tonight.

...I hate endings so much.

ETA: Betas achieved! And thank you for playing!

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Excellent! I could feel the story around that snippet. :D

I can beta tomorrow night/Saturday. certaintroublemaker at yahoo.

I'll email it! *smooches*

Heading back! (Yeah, like I could wait to read Jenn Merlin fic! Pffft!) xoxo

It does take a little time to build, but not too much. It should be noticeable in a week or two.

I am marking the calendar. I kind of figured it would take some time.

Not too long, though. It's kind of like- you'll wake up one day in a week or two, and you'll say to yourself "I feel great!", and you just kind of have more energy and more get-up-and-go than you've had recently. It's nice.

I second this summary. Once it starts working, it can be hard to believe that you functioned without it. :D

I do love watching my entire flist succumb to a severe case of Merlin-itis *quietly cheers*

Like dominoes falling. *nods*

(Deleted comment)
You keep not-writing that and I will totally keep not-writing this. Deal?


(Deleted comment)
Dammit, you two are going to have me doing another manip of Arthur with wings, aren't you? I grabbed source references for another set of wings this morning...

I'm available to beta... elke.tanzer at gmail.com.

(And oh, heaven help me, I may also be writing in this fandom...)

Oh, yes, thank you! Do you want me to wait until I have the ending down or send nowish?


Whichever is easiest for you. I've set aside all this evening and tomorrow evening for tea, soup and Merlin-ness. I've got to get myself vertical and drag myself to some work meetings today, but should have some time in between them this afternoon for an initial read-through.

(I swear, I am afraid of my shower. There are plotbunnies in there.)

I hear you. I dreamed out various permutations of the ending last night after I (finally) went to bed.

They are nice bunnies. They are magic bunnies!

And it's on its way back to you now. Please let me know if the emailed attachment doesn't get through properly!

So, what kind of cookies does the dark side have?

Do be careful about the stuff: this is the one drug in the world where generic =/= brand specific (syntrhoid). So if the dose seems just a little -too- high (or low) switch to lower synthroid (or same dose synthroid).

Having said that, as others said, it'll build up, and you'll just go 'oh, hey, energy! Hi! How ya been?'

Also, if it's too strong, you'll notice yourself freaking out a lot (or more than usual, in my case. :)

response to levothyroxine

I never actually notice an improvement. On the other hand people who consider themselves loved ones often do. As for hair loss...normally you see hair thinness first, some what of a positive sign?

I'm enjoying your Merlin tidbit and now really want the story...

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