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so this is new and i'm sure not terrifying

Friday, I went in for a perfectly normal check up to make sure I have not become a stimulant-crazed addict. Then there was a blood test, because I'd asked about Some Things That My Body Seems to be Doing Which Are You Know Odd.

So there is apparently something going on with my thyroid, which is--you know, unexpected. I am told by amireal (as you know, I needed someone to panic to and hey, there she was!) I will not die. I am not comforted by the fact, however, that my nurse already called in the prescription. Apparently, there is literature winging its way to my house as we speak.

Granted, I've been feeling off, but this is not new, since two bouts of pneumonia and one of bronchitis in eleven months totally changes otherwise normal people into hypochondriacs. I've cut out all my allergy meds and all diet sodas (that because they make me so sick) and then, oh, let's say about three weeks ago, I noticed my jean size had, well, increased. Like, two sizes. I went shopping back in April. This was December. And I did not embrace a new diet. I mentioned this to the doctor, adn we discussed higher vegetable portions and then there was a blood test and then the insanely cheering (and heavily Czech accented) voice of the nurse saying "Your blood tests are fine! Except for your thyroid!"


(Also, just to show this up right, my son is being referred to a pediatric psychologist, because of the possibility of ADHD. Completely independently, my niece's school sent a letter to my sister to have her evaluated with her doctor, since apparently, she's a totally charming kid with the attention span very much in the range of a fruit fly. I feel like this is some sort of pop trend that will later involve weird coincidences, such as, Niece is left handed, as is Child.

I have no intention of making any sort of sense until I can calmly evaluate how three years ago I was very healthy as of 11/2006, my body is slowly but surely going crazy.)

So. Feel free to tell me a.) not to panic and b.) I am not going to die However. I would like to say that the Is Your Thyroid Healthy Checklist website that I went to stare at in horror kind of looks familiar.

Alternately, Arthur Pendragon is always an acceptable comfort device.
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