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delicious means betrayal

In continuing adventures of "Hi, I am anal and delicious is my crack"...

What. The. Hell. Did they do. To my tag order?

I have a system and everything I've tagged since January 8th is breaking my system. There is disorder in my tags.

My system is as follows:

fandom / author / type/ship / feedback status / year / month / unread(if unread)

It is no longer doing that.

It is--I don't even know what it is doing, actually. Some are starting with feedback status, and some are starting with year, and it's not alphabetical and it's stressing, as you can see since I am using italics quite frequently.

This system is a good system. I know my system. I love my system. I want my system back.

Actually, i think it may be sorting by the number of times a tag is used.

Tell me there is a way to fix this. Staring at settings is not helping and my zen is not zenful.

ETA: kyuuketsukirui has eased my panic. Manual tagging. I can do that.

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