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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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delicious means betrayal
In continuing adventures of "Hi, I am anal and delicious is my crack"...

What. The. Hell. Did they do. To my tag order?

I have a system and everything I've tagged since January 8th is breaking my system. There is disorder in my tags.

My system is as follows:

fandom / author / type/ship / feedback status / year / month / unread(if unread)

It is no longer doing that.

It is--I don't even know what it is doing, actually. Some are starting with feedback status, and some are starting with year, and it's not alphabetical and it's stressing, as you can see since I am using italics quite frequently.

This system is a good system. I know my system. I love my system. I want my system back.

Actually, i think it may be sorting by the number of times a tag is used.

Tell me there is a way to fix this. Staring at settings is not helping and my zen is not zenful.

ETA: kyuuketsukirui has eased my panic. Manual tagging. I can do that.

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(Deleted comment)
Oh God, thank you. I can remember to do that.

*sends huge amounts of gratitude*

Driving. Myself. Insane.


You know, I had to read quite a long way before I could take the line "Hi, I am anal and delicious is my crack"... with ANY SERIOUSNESS WHATSOEVER. This IS fandom, after all.

THANK YOU! I did the same thing, and was so glad I was alone in the house to giggle without strange looks! :D

Delicious is my crack, too, such that I save tagging for when I'm really grumpy and need something calming and routine to ease my mind, heh. Organization, mmmm, love it!

...my hatred is an ocean. Now I can't stop reading that.

I am working out if I can get away with irony as an excuse. Really. It was totally that.

Heh. It's a good thing I put tags on stories in random order. Okay, usually I put in the fandom first, but the rest I put in as they occur to me. Though actually for me delicious doesn't switch things. Then again, I'm not sure I'd notice. Though sometimes I tag with the FF extension, and save, and it doesn't actually save the bookmark to delicious, which is very annoying, because I don't notice until I'm missing the bookmark for a story I'm sure I have tagged.

I think you just took a year off my life. I spent 8 (eight) hours last night organizing, bundling, deleting and renaming all of my 981 tags. My first thought when I read this was that the site was broken and I needed to sit and cry. I'm very releived to hear that it isn't. But I did panic for a moment or two. lol

Sorry to hear about your tag system. Hopefully it'll be fixed soon?

How do you put them in order? I'm still learning all of this stuff.

*whimpers softly*

I feel your pain. Tag order matters.

You're telling me. I was all 'wtf. my tag system is broken!'

I go by: fandom / continuity / series if applicable / story feel / characters

Hi, sorry to bother you, but would I be able to get your name on delicious to see what you have? I was hoping to see what you have for spn.

Saw this post and thought of you. No idea if it works, but I've installed it and I'm about to restart and hope to god and all that is holy that is works and stops messing up my tags. *is absolutely in no what whatsoever bitter* Yeah, right...

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