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firefox help please help HELP is that enough desperation?
children of dune - leto 1
Help. Help. Help.

Firefox 3 is doing--something. So far, delicious has lost the ability to be formatted and looks ccc-less (though weirdly, it works in IE Tab) and now livejournal is blocking my icon and the menu bar (though that could be unrelated).

I am going. To. Go. Crazy. The delicious thing happened in the earlier version of Firefox, but didn't here, and I cannot figure out what changed. Adblock and Script blocker don't seem to be involved.

Did I mention crazy? It started this morning at some point.

The following shows up in Error Console under Tools: Delicious is not defined.

This is not zen. I am on the edge.

ETA: Fixed. *bewildered* Thank you fiamaya!

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Hey firefox was acting weird for me this morning. Freezing, etc.

Try shift-reload (ie, hold down the shift key while you hit the reload button) on the delicious page. That should force it to re-load the formatting information.

You coud try shift-reload on livejournal as well, though it sounds like a different problem. I sometimes have problems where Firefox stops loading embedded youtube videos. I discovered by accident that if I quite Firefox 3, run Firefox 2 (which i left around when I updated), quit it immediately, and then go back to Firefox 3, everything works again. I don't know why it works; I assume that some corrupted file gets fixed in the switch and switch back. (I run session manager, so I can regain my mess of tabs if I have to quit.)

That worked. *blank* I--wow.

*mystified* Thank you!

You're welcome! I know why shift-reload works; it's a trick from the dawn of the web that forces the browser to ignore anything it thinks it remembers about a page, and load it all from scratch. But the FF3/FF2/FF3 trick is a total mystery to me.

FF3 does the same thing to embedded videos for me, not all videos mind you, just some odd subset of them. It's rather odd and shift-refresh has failed me. I'm going to have to try your FF3/FF2/FF3 trick.

Check the extension update pages, some aren't updating off the server yet, worst case youo can reinstall the version you have. Uninstalling won't get rid of anything you can't get back.

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