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Dear Flist,

Plz to stop making me cry about a last ep I have not seen because all of you are weepy saying goodbye and now I am too and I haven't seen it yet. Or Vegas. Because I am not that strong.

Why. In the name of God am I wiping my eyes?

Yours truly (and apparently SGA is for life, because I was totally reconciled to this months ago and now I am not),


(PS: This message is pointed to springwoof, mecurtin, cesperanza, telesilla who broke me down to hit smittywing where I totally could not even see the screen anymore. My God people. You aren't even in this room and you are setting me off.)

(PSS: Actually, I've never really made it to the end of a show. This is a first. Interesting.)

(PSSS: OMG is someone going to do a SGA fan retrospective now like they do on TV so as to group cry? I am so not going to make it.)
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