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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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children of dune - leto 1
Joe the Plumber: Gaza Correspondent

Notice the lack of question mark, as this is a statement of something real (or I am hallucinating? Tell me I am hallucinating).

Joe. The Plumber. Is. A. Foreign. Correspondent. In. Gaza.

...I need to lie down for a bit, kthx.

They truly do hate this man, don't they?

hehehehehehe*snickers uncontrollably* whenever I read sth like this, I always think; only in U.S.A. --and I say this with complete understanding of my own country's doucheness....but, knowing the story of Joe the plumber, I gotta say; you win, hands down*g* really, next we'll be hearing about Sarah Palin being perceived as a liberal.........*says while buying all available heaters cause goddamn Europe doesn't have heat* hey, maybe he'll talk about...ya know, plumbing*starts giggling*

...I cannot even object to that. Only facepalm like whoa.

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Yah. Pajamas Media is a TEXTBOOK case of People Falling for Their Own Bullshit Syndrome: they've got to send a "patriot" out there to get at the "truth" that is being buried by the Israel-hating liberal mainstream media. Joe-the-not-really-a-Plumber fits right in.

...what? For real? But why??

Because the universe does not lack a sense of irony?

Joe the Plumber also believes he will be safe in Gaza because he is a Christian and god will protect him.

And seriously, I really don't need Joe the Fucking Plumber on my side.

This makes no sense. Reporters are not even allowed into Gaza right now. What makes them think Joe will be able to bypass that? And he's supposed to be getting the "Average Joes'" stories. Why would anyone want to talk to him?

The answers to those questions are--*gives up*

I don't even know. I just keep hoping it was an accidental misprint.

If something bad happened to that guy over there, I would truly experience the definition of "mixed feelings."

Maybe the article was a mistake?

Oh come on, don't you find it the least bit interesting/amusing that someone with no journalistic qualifications what-so-fucking ever is going to be reporting back on this crisis?
Take about out of his depth!

Actually I feel a tad sorry for him.

Gaza. Gaza. That's like sending the high school freshman quarterback to first string the Dallas Cowboys. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?

I kind of do, too. Has he even ever been out of the country?

Uh. Well.


On the same level as Palin as VP?

*twitches so hard* Speak truth.


Truth stranger than fiction strikes again.

That is truly bizarre. Ô_o

Yes. Yes it is.

Also, nice icon!

(Deleted comment)

(Deleted comment)
Next up in World Gone Crazy!1!! Anderson Cooper does plumbing remodels; charges $250,000 to fuck things up.

...can I get him for my bathroom? I mean. You know. For pure curiosity purposes.

(Think he'd do it in Armani? Can I ask?)

I hadn't foreseen this tactic for getting him off your backs--I fear it may backfire.

*twitches* I really feel a badfic author is writing the AU of America and somehow, the streams crossed and it became canon.

I don't think there exists a word or a series of words to describe what I'm feeling right now.