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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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so perhaps i like the idea of a blind cliff and a long jump

There's a part of me that's just--I guess is both irritated and resigned about the pseudo-intellectual snobbery that is anti-pop culture and anti-popularity. But it's also this.

I like the Lemming Method. I am a fan of the Lemming Method. If I could somehow acquire my own personal charisma machine and pimp everyone by sheer strength of personality into whatever fandom I'm in? I would be doing that for every damn fandom I have. I mean, sure, if you want, let divine intervention lead you to that very special text, but you know what? I found a much faster way to discover what I love.

I don't need fandom to tell me about a text I already love, though that's nice as well. I need fandom to show me what I'm missing. Did I miss spies or space cowboys or King Arthur, did I miss magical schoolboys or Superman redux or Wolverine in a cage (thank God for Diebin)? I've done both; I have dragged friends into fandoms they weren't interested in and watched them fall in love, and I've followed people where they went because I wanted to see what was so damn shiny in the other side of the hill. It's not everyone's way, but it's a lot of mine. I loved Diebin before I saw X-Men; I adored astolat before I fell on top of Stargate; I was all about cesperanza before I went near Due South.

Being apologetic because the authors interested you first? Because the fandom interested you before the source? Are you kidding? Apologize because I found a group of people so awesome and want to join in? Because the sheer rush of creativity is so overwhelming I want to be a part of it? Because there's one person that's worth watching one to three seasons of a show I wasn't too sure of so I'd get her fic?

That's what I celebrate.

Fandom cannot be done wrong, per se, but in a lot of ways, following each other around to see where they go, check out the other side of the mountain, looking in blank astonishment at a text or source you are pretty sure you are going to hate, but what the hell, brown_betty loves it, so okay--this exemplifies what attracted me to fandom in the first place. Beyond the source itself, it forces me to do what I wouldn't do on my own, makes me think outside what I'm comfortable with, and gives me nice rewards if I do those things.

Sure, I can't claim to be edgy, independent, intellectual, or special. I can claim, however, that unlike outside of fandom, if the source fails me, if the show/book/comic/medium fails me, the fandom around it never does.

Be a lemming. Jump blind over the cliff because your friends are doing it. Sure, the jump is scary, and you can't work out why the hell they thought this was a good idea, but the rush is unbelievable. You'll love what you find on the other side.

ETA: Current guild rules require me to mention svmadelyn, chopchica, and amireal as the primary lead lemmings leading me over whatever cliff they find.

ETA 2: I forgot to use my lemming icon. Lemming pride, my friends. Lemming pride.

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My only objection to the Lemming Method is as it pertains to fanon; one writer does something nifty, then it's all over the fandom. Penguins in SGA is a good example. :/

I tend to watch a show, then hunt down the fandom. Sometimes, I'm lucky enough to do so as the fandom is forming but usually I'm following behind.

So in other words, I'm a lousy lemming but I'll make sure the mattresses are in place for the rest of ya.

I love that first hard bounce.

...okay, there is the Questionable Fanon Lemmingness, yes. *twitch* Oh yes, there is that.

(Deleted comment)

(Though leather pants == awesome. Too many leather pants == fearful for cow population.)

I watched Blade 2 because of the leather pants. Then again, the pants are canon so just ignore me.

(Deleted comment)
Preach it. It's just frustrating being a fandom of Yuletide level proportions only.

It is, it is. I have a couple of fandoms (Time Trax is one) were I can't find hardly anything and most what I do is dross. Then trying to find the eps can be an ordeal in and of itself- Time Trax once again.

My biggest problem really, is finding fic with my favorite pairing. I tend to go for the rare pairs in any given fandom. The second biggest problem is finding the *good* fic. :[

It is fun, tho', to watch a fandom form; fanon comes from the damndest things.

(Deleted comment)
I've seen a few fandoms form; The Sentinel, Batman Beyond, and SGA. SGA was a hoot, since it was established rather early on that anything can and does happen in the Pegasus galaxy.

I loved the Harlequin challenge, enough that it has it's own folder, and SGA_flashfic was fun too but these days I'm getting my fix from miss_porcupine. Never thought I'd see the day when I prefered a *gen* writer. o_O

I've walked away from fandoms that aren't writing what I want to read; I'll settle for gen involving the pair I like but if I can't even get that- goodbye.

I had to reply to this. Another Time Trax fan! I didn't know there were even any others left out there! But god, I loved that show so, so much (if I could have pushed anyone into it...).

Though it did lead me to my second fandom... There's one reason I was in The Magnificent Seven TV fandom and that's the guy in my icon ;)

But really, I would love to talk Time Trax - I haven't written anything but one teeny drabble but I am so considering more...

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