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the bear slashes...livejournal

Gakked from everyone. And I do mean everyone.

Livejournal: The Russian Bear Slashes a Social Network which I read at first as "Slashing Bears" and got really, really worried about my flist (I don't want to slash bears. Is that the new thing? Slashing bears? What kind of bears? Can I pretend to slash bears who turn into humans? WTF are you people watching?). Very upsetting.

I mean, the slashing bears thing. This is too! But thank you all for not slashing bears because I love you, but oh my God, I don't think I can deal with that.

synecdochic talks (not about slashing bears!) here and is reassuring.

I feel we should all talk about our feelings, but most of mine are revolving around the fact I'm at work and apparently, I can't take off using the excuse MUST GO HOME AND BACK UP LJ NOW KTHX as that does not qualify as an emergency under current work rules. Yeah, no clue what's up with that kind of crazy. If this is not an internet emergency, I do not know what is.
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