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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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children of dune - leto 1
Whoever gave me that LJ time? *blinks* Thank you so much. I'm just--wow. Seriously, thank you. I'm really bad at this.

*still shocky* That is SO cool.

*sends hugs to anonymous person*

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*hugs back* Just a thank you for all that you've given us, sweetie. No big. :) Enjoy it!

Just fair things

Oh, how nice of she/he/them, whatever, sooo nice (PD: if you are reading this... yes, you the one with the gift... I´m poor... and obssessed with livejournal... very), so, anyway, it has to be a latin people, because we, latin people (from Chile), are very nice and charming andddddd educated and extremily humble and all that, and we hate english lenguage because... yeah, we will conquer the world via phone... and I have a prove... her name beging with "J", and we have sexy guys from Panama and all that... and we are very coherent... yeah.

*grins* And you notice how hard I'm fighting? Conquer already! Just let me have Luis?
For that, chica, I'm totally going to be fluent one day, JUST FOR THAT!
*goes to search frantically for slang dictionary*

Ok, so, I dare you, try this:

"- Que haremos esta noche cerebro?.
- Lo mismo que hacemos todas las noches.
- Tratar de conquistar el mundo?.
- Precisamente."

Ha, and you just to think you knew evil... and yes, Luis will be your´s, just need a little company cheking first... hmmm

jesus, I mistake post.


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