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day six and seven of the wiiiiiiness

I skipped two days of Wii-ing and started again last night and again this evening. And was glad!

See, now I'm not, because three hours ago, I didn't hurt this much.

I blame the boxing thing.

Trufax: I never really had a personal understanding of the appeal of boxing. I just didn't.

Having said that, now I do. Sure, it's Wii-boxing where I am hitting air, but there are happy sound effects of hitting things and that's inspirational like whoa. This is probably why I didn't realize overdoing things hurts because it unlocked advanced yesterday and I was very excited. And my shoulders and arms and neck are asking me why I hate them. Though the turning-the-head neck pain has been a thing for a couple of weeks, because for some reason, I am falling asleep at really bad angles these days. No clue what's up with that.

Hurt. Ouch.

Wii Saturday: 1 hour, 8 minutes
Wii Sunday: 55 minutes
Lost: .7 lbs.

Status: ouch.

Doing this cancels out M&Ms, right? Right.
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