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firefox 3.05
children of dune - leto 1
Hmm. Having Firefox 2.whatever I was using start giving me lots of javascript and scroll errors, updated to 3.0.5. Let me thank the programming gods for whoever updated delicious, nosquint, and permanent links to make my life livable. That was like, five seconds of outright panic!

Anyone having any problems I wouldn't have thought of yet? I lost LJ Hook, but since I'm not sure what it did, I haven't noticed anything yet. Though it must have done something.

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(Deleted comment)
Okay, good. I kept hearing about what wasn't working and was dithering. I don't see anything so far that's not working (except LJ Hook), so I'm going with a successful browser experience. *g*

I thnk LJ Hook was the icon randomizer?

It also added options to your text boxes, html shortcuts etc. Hut ljaddons now does it too, so losing it isn't a big deal.

Some people hate the magic bar, but it's not bad, just different, and can be disabled if you don't want to learn its mysteries.

...what is the magic bar? *wary*

The location bar, I mean. Where you type URLs in.

Is that the magic location bar? Or is there other hidden magic I haven't found yet?

No, no, the location bar. I mean, there might be other magic, but that's the one I mean.

I don't get what's different about the magic bar - it seems just the same for me now in 3.whatever as when I was using 2.whatever. Though, come to think on it, that might've been a side-effect of the 50-gazillion addons I use...

I guess Firefox updates itself automatically because I have 3.0.5 also. I've never used any of the addons. Any recommendations?

From a random stanger: I <3 ljaddons for making lj posting simple, the Tab Mix addon for multiple rows of tabs, and ofc my Delicious addon for happy tagging :)

...THANK YOU. Nosquint is, apparently, the addon that is on my husband's computer that makes life livable.

See I am forever having to zoom (I run at a high resolution and I refuse to squint to read, because my eyesight is already strained enough, thanks!) and it is really really annoying to not have the zoom remembered.


Updated to 3.0, hated it, went back to the 2 series. Did not like the zoom part and seemed like I was constantly adjusting the tabs. I keep a whole lot of tabs open and it's just annoying.

There is a link on 3.0 to go back to the old one so many folks are not crazy about it.

If at a future time you decide to try 3.whatever again, your bookmarks might "disappear". This is not really the case, just that FF picks up the older bookmark file from the first time you tried 3.whatever; there's an easy fixit *waves hands towards FF support* somewhere out there that brings your bookmarks back up to date. (Before I found that it was a common and easy to fix problem, another handful of my haird went over to the grey side of the Force.)

firefox 3.05 and my deli.icio.us extensions are not working - firefox crashes 6-7 times a day. I use del.icio.us for all my newsletters so this is a major problem for me. no ETA on it being fixed.

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