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so this is 2009
children of dune - leto 1
Okay, this is ridiculous. I have been trying to talk myself into seeing SGA's Vegas and I. Cannot. Do. It. Somehow, I always go back and watch Chuck try to pass on an antibody for the killer flu by making out with Casey to soothe myself.

...well, I mean, not that it's a hardship or anything, but still.

I can't tell if its the reviews that are freaking me out or the end of the show or what. I just know that no matter how many times I go to the ep, I end up somewhere entirely different.

2008 Resolutions

2008 Resolution for tracking my reading is pretty much fulfilled. I'm going back now to make sure I logged everything, since there's some fic I know I missed that I need to find and add, along with adjustments to earlier months for fic I had in the wrong del.icio.us account, but I finished tagging the last two months worth and adding in year, since what the hell, lets see how 2009 does for reading. My statistics are horrific for feedback. However, there were some interesting patterns, since what I had thought about how I read and what I read doesn't seem to be verified by what actually showed up there. Of course, I also got obsessed with four extra fandoms this year, which may explain the spread.

I need to check the rest and see how many I finished.

Works in Progress

September through December were weird. I wrote a lot, but it wasn't until the last of December that I noticed I hadn't posted much for a while. Part of it was that a few have endings that aren't--quite what I want, so I'm sitting on them. One dS was finished but I need to add a lot of backstory and that's taking time, since I originally wrote and finished it in a three day sitting in a blaze of inspiration and going back, I keep tripping over wondering if I was high during certain parts.

Currently, these are finished/mostly finished/still editing:

1.) Untitled, Supernatural, Dean/Castiel, 41,000 words. I wrote it, finished it, Madelyn read it and said I was missing an entire middle. So I went back and started that and--well. There you have it.
2.) Rules of Attraction, Stargate:Atlantis, John/Rodney, 55,000 words being re-edited.
3.) Untitled, Due South, Fraser/Kowalski/Victoria, 6,000 words. It--makes no sense. What I want it for is for a Five Things, which I have two others that could be added to make three, but that leaves two. If I'm going to do insane OTT AUs, I should do them all at once.
4.) Untitled, Stargate:Atlantis/Bourne Identity, John/Rodney, 35,000 words, still *really* in progress and recently brutally cut to pieces. Gah.
5.) Untitled, Due South, Fraser/Kowalksi, 30,000 words, being rewritten for backstory.
6.) Running on Empty, Stargate:Atlantis, John/Rodney, 21,000 words, and the vampire AU that--is there. I mean, that's the thing. It's not a problem with the fic, per se. It's after ten minutes of writing, I stop, stare at it, and realize I am writing an SGA vampire AU. I mean, even going desperately to re-read telesilla to see how it can be awesome does not negate the fact I am writing a vampire AU novel and just. *hands*
7.) Crimes Against Humanity, Stargate:Atlantis, 50,000 words. Sort of. I cut out most of what I'd done for the ending because I wanted to do something else with it and didn't--do anything with it. Yeah.
8.) Untitled, Stargate:Atlantis, John/Rodney. This is--okay, I had this moment where I thought, you know what would help that freaky slavery squick? Write about the Alterans enslaving humanity. Yeah, that didn't work.

To Do

1.) Finish 2008 fic in review.
2.) Eat ice cream.
3.) Sleep. (not happening)
4.) Try to watch Vegas.
5.) ...end up tracking down the rare Chuck/Bryce to work on my deep hatred of him when he isn't bloody and shooting people, because I am so torn. I just hate him, right up until he starts shooting people. I am so shallow, but Christ, Bryce is insanely pretty.

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I can't bring myself to watch Vegas either. Of course, I've been that way since The Shrine, the better to protect my favorite characters from actual cannon/TPTB fuckery.

Oh, and I think there are some Chuck/Bryce fics over at Yuletide.

Edited at 2009-01-03 11:50 am (UTC)

Vegas is worth watching! Like I told Jenn, the episode didn't suck! It was an interesting story for a change, and we had a LOT of John. The end is...upsetting, but not because of poor storytelling.

*twitchy* It's my OTCness--no review I've read has been at all comforting about John for me. Therefore, watching it feels like a really good way to start drinking. *shudders*

The nice thing about Vegas is that since it happens in an alternate universe, only the last minute or so impacts canon, and not in any way that screws over anyone's characterization. :)


Thank you for these! I'll be reading ... Yum!

Vegas is actually good! Much better than the last few crappy episodes. They got...experimental with the camera work and the was it was filmed, and the way the story was told. It worked really well for this story; I thought it was very well done. The Wraith is particularly creepy, there's a murder mystery, Rodney was really excellent, and most of the story is about JOHN (although you'll probably not want to watch the last 3-4 minutes, if you don't want to wail in despair like I did. it's not badly-done, just...upsetting. you'll be fine if you stop watching just after the explosions, you'll see what I mean...) It's like Miller's Crossing, in that the very last bit is kind of...well, I kind of jumped out of my seat and yelled at the screen. But, as I said, it wasn't badly done, and the rest of the episode was well worth your time.

And if you watch it to the end, I look forward to the episode tag you're going to write!

I'm...ambivalent. Miserable John does nothing for me and I'm way too OTC to enjoy an episode devoted to it.

*sighs* oh show. Why.

Yes, but there are fix-it options! That could involve sex!

There's plenty of room for a fixit at the end - Lots of fodder for fanfic.

And the whole show is about John finding himself again. I can't tell you anything else, but I don't think it's saying to much to say that John saves the world (you saw that coming right?) Really, I loved John in this. He was amazing.

Still, if you just take the episode, then it is like an H/C story without the pay-off off of comfort sex at the end. There is a really good coda already written for it, however, so if you watch and read that immediately, then it becomes and excellent fanfic!


...what these other folks said.
AND...it kinda sortof reminded me of your Arizona et al series (only you did it better & added hot sex, but that goes without saying)

I don't understand how you can keep all the statistics about what you read and reviewed. *g* It is beyond me. I stand in awe.

Also - Happy New Year! (yeah I know I'm late)

And I loved the Vegas Ep. REALLY!!!!

Not spoiling, but I haven't loved an SGA ep this much in a LONG time. I can't wait to know what you think about it.

So, who is Chuck?

The end of Vegas is totally fixable, as far as I'm concerned. I, er, don't interpret it the way most people do, apparently. And it's pretty, and awesome, and really, not bad AT ALL for this PTB doing an AU. Lots of yummy John and yummy Rodney, with bonus Zelenka. It ranks only behind The Shrine for me. The only thing I don't like is no Ronon or Teyla.

Two Bryce/Chuck fics I like:
every home was like alcatraz
i'm not going to write you a love song

(Still, I'm mostly about the Chuck/Casey. Guh!)

All of your WIPs--I just have grabby hands! I think, especially, more in your Bourne-verse. *drools* (And what is going on with your F/K piece? The Victoria one? Backstory? Huh.)

*watching the aired version*

Also, husky-, husky-, husky-voiced John! I mean, SERIOUSLY! GUH. SO. FUCKING. HOT. The both of them.

I am of the OTC also, and I watched this last night, and was in fact pretty devastated, but kind of in the good way? And actually, the ending...doesn't have to end there. (Rodney is also awesomely different in this one; he's not, hmm, he's missing something, some factor he's gained in our Atlantis).

True fact: I immediately found and read your Arizona. RL happened just after so didn't leave belated comment, but it was so, so perfect to read that after. Thank you, seriously.

I really think that the awesomeness of this episode on balance makes it worth it, even when a person feels John in their *heart* like I (and you) do, though I will admit that it was tough on me; my heart did bleed. What made up for that, for me, was sga going to a darker place than they usually do, and all the fabulous au places this could spin one to, and an ep largely focused on John.

I will also admit that there's a tad bit of selfishness in my telling you this, because I immediately thought, as evidenced by my seeking out your story, that you were someone who could do this John justice. In a little, you know, coda to the ep? That you would be moved to write? For John? *puppy eyes* *g*

ETA: this was one time when I thought Rodney was seriously hot. Seriously. He reminded me a little of Crimes Rodney. And John...the hotness cannot even be rendered. OMG, there's a scene where he...does something really wrong. Actually wrong, and...so. fucking. hot. *is wrong*

Edited at 2009-01-03 05:54 pm (UTC)

I probably missed when you talked about this before (like, years ago), but I hope you won't mind me asking: are you still working on Panama or anything in the Arizona universe? Arizona's one of my favorite AUs in SGA, and I was just devastated by the end of Mexico City; I've been holding out some hope that you might still write some more. I wouldn't normally ask something like this because obviously you're busy writing a million other things (like a vampire AU that I am sure will be fucking AWESOME; seriously, I can't wait), but since I'm thinking that you're probably done with the series, I figured that I should get some closure here and move on.

I keep mentally using caps from "Vegas" to illustrate "Arizona", and apparently I'm not the only one.

So I totally think this should inspire you to write the sequel to "Mexico City", because otherwise YOU'RE A JOHN-KILLER, TOO.*nods firmly*

Oh, good one! Here that, Jenn? You so need to write the next story in that series. (Please?)

oh man so many long stories to look forward to. :) No pressure or anything. I'd rather wait to read instead of reading something hastily pushed out the door. Good luck!

Um, please don't forget Rain Gods. Even though it's a wip I still reread it.

I loved Vegas. I just... so much love. I hope you can make yourself watch it becaue I think it's totally worth it.

Now, next week, I may not be able to watch. I still haven't watched the SG-1 finale. 8sobs*

Vegas is so totally fixable. And it's a great story, too. It's sharp and multi-layered (yeah, who knew they could do that) and the soundtrack was good, too. And I'm a little disturbed by how hot I found that Wraith.... (Though that might have been his heavy metal soundtrack.)

I loved Vegas and have already read some awesome fix it tags. I know you would write a kick ass tag for it. Or as has been said, write the next segment of the Arizona series. Your AUs trump all. No pressure, just wishes. Squeed loudly when scanning your WIP list - more Crimes Against Humanity *bounces* and some long SGA fic *claps and squees*. I am so excited that we have more SGA fic from you to look forward to. I should probably look into DS as you are so excited about that show. Thanks for the list! Hope RL cooperates for you.

I'm finding myself really glad that I'm being so repeatedly delayed on the SG-1-through-SGA viewing project that I've gotten spoiled for s4 and s5 SGA before seeing it, because I've got all this advance warning to know that I need to be ready to imagine that AU Sheppard gets rescued after the closing credits of "Vegas" and that if Rodney winds up with Keller she's going to either get killed off after the finale or else there's a divorce rapidly approaching. There's something about marathoning an entire season on a weekend that makes it at lot easier to just plow through any upsetting bits and move on, but individual eps taken at an airing-date pace just gives too much time to fret about spoilers and teasers beforehand and to brood over each episode by itself afterwards.

Also it pains me to be picking up enough backstory on the SG-verse to realize that it's not possible to cross over with DW except for extremely brief shallow treatments or possibly universe-jumping. Old school Who, maybe, but new Who has gotten too damned blatant with its inescapably public alien invasions.

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