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Continuing news that only marginally affects me but continues to fascinate....

Anyone but me wildly torn on the Burris in the Senate issue? One one hand, the appointment's not just tainted fruit, it's fruit that has been danced on by a diarrhetic bear with hygiene issues. On the other, the guy seems okay, and God knows, if he had laundry to show, considering circumstances, it would be out there by now.

Well, and there's this:

The first Democratic aide said if Burris tries to enter the Senate chamber on Tuesday, the Senate doorkeeper will stop him. If Burris were to persist, either trying to force his way onto the Senate floor or refusing to leave and causing a scene, U.S. Capitol police would stop him, the aide said. Watch efforts to keep Burris from the Senate Video

"They [police] probably won't arrest him," but they would call the Senate's sergeant-at-arms, the aide said.


Keeping in mind the fact the senatorial appointee is seventy....

Now I don't know if the Senate watches television, or you know, realizes they exist, but just a thought; blocking the nice older gentleman from the Senate will not look good unless he's carrying a dead body.

I'd like to thank the second day of 2009 for continuing to bring the facepalming lulz.
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