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the senate, the senate, the senate is coming for you
gekko one
Continuing news that only marginally affects me but continues to fascinate....

Anyone but me wildly torn on the Burris in the Senate issue? One one hand, the appointment's not just tainted fruit, it's fruit that has been danced on by a diarrhetic bear with hygiene issues. On the other, the guy seems okay, and God knows, if he had laundry to show, considering circumstances, it would be out there by now.

Well, and there's this:

The first Democratic aide said if Burris tries to enter the Senate chamber on Tuesday, the Senate doorkeeper will stop him. If Burris were to persist, either trying to force his way onto the Senate floor or refusing to leave and causing a scene, U.S. Capitol police would stop him, the aide said. Watch efforts to keep Burris from the Senate Video

"They [police] probably won't arrest him," but they would call the Senate's sergeant-at-arms, the aide said.


Keeping in mind the fact the senatorial appointee is seventy....

Now I don't know if the Senate watches television, or you know, realizes they exist, but just a thought; blocking the nice older gentleman from the Senate will not look good unless he's carrying a dead body.

I'd like to thank the second day of 2009 for continuing to bring the facepalming lulz.

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blocking the nice older gentleman from the Senate will not look good unless he's carrying a dead body.

Dude, not only THAT, but the whole idea of the "police blocking the nice older black gentleman from entering the Senate floor" is PROBABLY NOT the kind of image problem the Senate wants to have. I mean. Considering.

I second your facepalming lulz.

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The Senate is a neverending barrel of laughs.

I've heard he seems qualified; on the other hand, Wonkette reports that Burris has preemptively constructed his own grave monument, complete with a list of his life accomplishments. If you squint at the photo, you can see that it starts with "TRAIL BLAZER." Also, allegedly his children are named "Roland II" and "Rolanda."

Is this information relevant to anything? Really not. Did it make me snicker unbecomingly? Yes.

I think I'm just in the mood to appreciate the hubris of politicians, or something: my day was brightened yesterday by learning about the head of NASA's desperate public campaign to keep his job. Like, dude? If you're really doing that great of a job, I'm sure Obama would've considered keeping you. Replacing the chief NASA administrator was probably not high on his priorities. I think the best part is the bit about him spending government money to publish a book of his own speeches...

Okay, this is where I stopped to re-read twice.

I think the best part is the bit about him spending government money to publish a book of his own speeches...

*dies* You're kidding.

Nope. XD

A cash-strapped NASA last week also sent — by priority mail costing $6.75 a package — copies of a new NASA book called "Leadership in Space: Selected Speeches of NASA Administrator Michael Griffin, May 2005-October 2008."


As for Griffin's book of speeches, it was a natural for the NASA history office and coincides with the end of the presidential term, Mould said. NASA printed 2,500 books at a cost of $57,000 with the ability to produce more, NASA spokeswoman Sonja Alexander said.

NASA did not publish a book of collected speeches for Griffin's two predecessors, said spokeswoman Ashley Edwards. The agency did produce a compact disk of speeches by Dan Goldin, NASA's longest-serving boss, just before he left in 2001.

I'm just saying, if I were in the NASA giftshop looking for something to take home with me, I think I'd be reaching for the little astronaut action figure or the pen that can write in zero-g, not the collected speeches of some guy's epic three years in office. You know?

NASA printed 2,500 books at a cost of $57,000 with the ability to produce more, NASA spokeswoman Sonja Alexander said.

WTF?!? Were they printed on spare parts from the Mars Landers? They should have been able to get 2,500 printed for a small fraction of that price.

I would be worried about Burris being blocked if he was the ONLY black person qualified to be senator. Since I know he isn't, I have no problem with whoever blocks him.

I think this is the smartest thing Blogavich could have done - he appointed a qualified person to the job who did not provide him with any sort of kickback in the process. It kind of makes the case against him look bad because he didn't actually end up doing that which he is accused of trying to do. Which is not to say he didn't try or do anything illegal, this is just his way of saying screw you to everyone while trying to keep out of jail. I think it's hysterical.

That said, I'm of 2 minds about Burris - he's qualified (if a bit of an odd bird) and it's only until 2010 right? Isn't that when Obama's seat was up for re-election anyway? The problem is, if they accept him as Senator, then the Senate is accepting tainted fruit so to speak and not sending a strong reform message. Plus, if I were a constituent I'd be mad because he's not going to be given the respect or ability to accomplish things normally a senator would have because of how he came into office. OTOH, not accepting a qualified candidate who was legally appointed doesn't send a great message either, other than politics trumps law. Eh, either way it goes I'll be fine - but it certainly wouldn't be cool to see Burris and the Senate playing a game of chicken as he heads toward the doors of the Senate, because that is just bad for both sides.

You know when I first heard about Burris being appointed my first thought was I never heard anything bad about him. Then my second thought was he was so screwed. With Blogo appointing him his career is caput. But he is 71.

Blogo did have one point. The Illinois Senate did say they were going to do something about this empty seat just after he was arrested. Well it has be a month and they are no where yet. So the governor does have the right and reqponsibity to appoint someone. But who wants to associated with the Governor.

And yeah won't that make the US Senate look great by treating Burris like a criminal.

And yes I do live in Illinois and I am both outraged and am howling with laughter with the stupid political tricks we put up with.

You live in Ill. and don't know about the Cruz trial?

Quote: "State prosecutors carried on with the prosecution, even after DNA evidence in 1995 excluded Cruz as the victim's rapist and linked somebody else, sex offender Brian Dugan, to the crime." Burris was running for Governor at the time, you see - can't be soft on crime!

Burris is a fucktard.

Burris is, at best, an idiot, and at worst a nightmare. (When the G-Rod story broke, btw, Burris was at the head of the mob shouting for him to be removed by the AG--now he's BFF.)

Burris went against his own staff's suggestion (let alone the defense and you know, everyone in Illinois) by continuing to prosecute a man for the rape and murder of a little girl, seeking the death penalty, *even though another man had confessed*, and he had received reports of numerous errors in the trial and evidence, and DNA evidence eventually proved that the guy Burris was going after was innocent.

Illinois, um, *dislikes* him. He ran in the Democratic primary for Governor and was defeated by Dawn Netsch (who then lost to Jim Edgar).

He ran for Mayor of Chicago. No.

Ran *again* for Governor. No. (Said his opponents were "unqualified white guys".)

Ran *YET AGAIN* for Governor. No.

Has already erected a monument to his amazing accomplishments.

Believes he was "sent here" to be an inspiration. (No lie.)

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