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day three of wiiiiiii fiiiiiit and other things

Yeah, it never gets old to yell Wiiiiii! I am totally getting why Nintendo went with this name. The programmers totally went around yelling "Where is the wiiiiii code? Do you have more wiiiiiiii functionality?" Totally.

Wii Stats

Sunday: 1.5 hours
Monday: 35 minutes
Tuesday: 43 minutes

Currently, I've lost two pounds and lowered my BMI by some amount, cramped up my left foot, and overworked my left leg, so no heels for a few days while I walk off the strain. It's also why I had to stop; I couldn't hold any toe positions because of (very mild) leg spasms. So far, getting up every thirty minutes and doing stretches against the wall is getting rid of the worst of it, but it does mean when I get up in the morning, it'll be about twenty minutes before I can work my heels back to the ground (or ten if I'm in a hurry and that's often). For those who travel with me regularly, or who are synedochic and niqaeli, yes, like that. And yes, I'm looking into a local masseuse, since I do want my flexibility back but am not fond of low level pain when walking all day.


My yoga is getting better (form) but worse (overall) since it's harder to hold the correct form for long enough, but I can feel the difference in the muscle groups. I've added in some off-Wii stretching a few times a night which seems to help, and some crunches to relax.

This isn't new, precisely; since puberty hit (like a train), I've had unnaturally tight calves. Ask me about lunges during weight training when I was in basketball one day. I was one of only two people who had to have a board under my heels to do them. I also have no hip turn-out to speak of with a slight inturn to both feet, which for years when I was in track I compensated for by running on the sides and balls of my feet. Excellent for running; I was a fast overly tall girl taking the track like a buffalo and could hurtle the high jump (not kidding. The judge actually stopped and stared at me. I got second. Then I learned how to do it correctly, which was bullshit because next competition, I got third. Still bitter).

In college, I took a semester of jazz dance (the one where I had to do two hour warm-up just to keep up with the class? Yes, that one) which at the time both helped and not. I do miss using a bar to keep my body line in sight and balance, and it did wonders for my flexibility, but I never did learn how to balance correctly and just went with whatever worked which is to say, sides of feet balancing, more weight to the left, which the Wii hates. So I spend a lot of time shifting to try and find the right distribution.

It's weird, though; every once in a while, I feel something click. There's no other word for it. The ground stops moving and my body settles and I can feel it snap into place, which from what I can gather is when my center of gravity has been aligned and I am one with the universe or something. It never lasts long, but when it happens, I can tell exactly how my body is supposed to be, and it's pretty neat.

Then I fall over. Me and the tree pose are not OTP. I am still master of the deep breathing and the warrior I'm getting there, though I'm also slowly, very slowly, adjusting to how it's supposed to be done with turn-out of my hips. The sun salutation is irritating, because I cannot touch my toes, but I've gained an inch since I started, which was pretty encouraging. There are three others that I can't think of off the top of my head, though one is standing on one foot holding leg to chest (can do this one almost, or at least not fall over) and the stand on toes with arms behind you that kills me because thirty seconds on the balls of my feet with my arms behind me is excruciating. We added the "chair" one today that did me in; raise arms in front, go up on toes, bend knees, foot cramp foot cramp omgfootcrampstopthatshit. I walked it off and came back and finished it correctly, but that was no fun. Then another that I couldn't get at all.

Wii hates my side-foot, left-lean thing so much tells me when it checks my balance every day. Changing this is easier in flats, too, so despite the fact I have new cherry red heels (omg so pretty, with suede accents), I am back to my ballet flats. And maybe buy some new ones next month since I've worn holes in these due to them being the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned).


To keep this something I actually want to do, I only do two strengthening a day; ten reps on the front-back leg lift things and the regular and diagonal body twists. Today I added a third, the side leg lift, at which time Child came running in to rescue me before I fell into the Christmas tree. These three are probably going to be my limit for the next week until my left leg calms down a little, since it does not like holding my weight and I don't like losing points. They also require balance and form, so staying with these until I get the form right is probably the best way to go about this.


Hula hoop! Happy. Step dance twice, since it's my favorite for just relaxing to the music and trying to get my rhythm perfect. Did the advanced step dance twice, then ran the short run to finish up, and two of the ski jumps for balance practice. Then hobbled away.

While watching House, did the crunches, butterfly stretch, and a few floor stretches to relax, but it looks like I'll need to do those twice a night at least for a few days to keep ease teh strain in my calves.


My friend who is getting married has agreed to come on a trip with me to visit svmadelyn in Chicago which, okay, it's going to go one of two ways here: we will all get along and it will be a blast, or they will totally go OTP on me and I will come back in search of a new best friend (or two). I'm taking applications now, just in case.

We're tentatively scheduled for February 19-22 or 23 (depending on our bosses and svmadelyn's final word on Monday), so if anyone would like to do lunch or hang with us while we go around Chicago, I'd be thrilled. She's not fannish, at all, but she's fanlanguage-competent because we've been friends since--jeez, two years before I started fandom and her brother is a fervent WoW gamer. She also has managed to get along with me for the length of my son's life, which should tell you something (her eldest brother I met while I was six months pregnant and on campus for my physical anthropology test; we didn't meet again for six months, at which time I met her other brother on whom I have a long standing weird crush that is complicated and occasionally mutual) and then found out they were related, at which time they threw V at me and there you have it).


Nothing happening. I ran some tests today on correspondence; it passed, but the formatting of benefit notices et al is so weird. It's hard to explain, but I tried to get through to my boss K that it hurt my aesthetics that nothing lined up correctly or that it was centered here and left justified there and he nodded blankly. It's just--looking at the forms irritates me. Nothing is lined up in any kind of general reasonable look or it is two spaces off what it should be, and part of it is the archaic centralized printing that mails out notices, but part of it is this horrifying thing called legacy, in which if it looked this way at the beginning of time (or the agency, circa when dinosaurs walked the earth), it should look like that now and hell, we don't use mimeographs anymore.

Frankly, I'm surprised we aren't carving this stuff on stone for the pony express.

I've been filing defects (problems to be addressed by the programmers) with stuff my mom sends me, reminding everyone that Mom and I are at opposite ends of the same job and if she wants something fixed, the fastest way to go about it is to send it to me to test so I can fail it and they have to fix it. I like doing it as a.) it give me something to do and b.) it's relaxing to be able to actually get something done. Especially the stupid, simple problems like fonts, which when you are testing, you don't really notice the change from say, Arial to Times, and you don't fail a test for Food Stamp new income limits for a font change, but after I pass that test and pass the change, I can come back, work a new case to the problem point, then defect it for the font or alignment or whatever is irritating me this week.

Still don't have my wiki. Apparently, they are overworked and it's hard to add a folder to the existing wiki. I asked K for the passwords to the computers so as to do it myself, but everyone gets really busy suddenly.

No Clue

I get this feeling that K is trying to set me up with C, one of the tech guys, who is tall and kind of cute and dorky and has a beard, as he suddenly came by my office to discuss coffee presses and to compare and contrast drip coffee, and where did I get my coffee because he's just not getting the right flavor. He came by directly after talking to K, so--I don't even know what to do with that. It's weird.

In closing, does anyone have any Chuck icons? Or know where I can find them? Or will just give me randomly out of pity?
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