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this is what makes life worth living
another frog
Governor Rod Blagojevich to Name Burris to Senate


I would personally like to thank the News Gods for bringing me something immensely entertaining as innocent-until-proven-oh-who-are-we-kidding Rod (and Hair!) Blagojevich appointing the senate seat that he is currently under investigation for trying to sell.

This? This is a Christmas miracle.

Tell me your day is not 100% better just knowing that he is so raging against the dying of the light. Or something.

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The weird thing is, I saw that and went, "Huh. It's a good pick."

Oh, Rod.

He is my favorite politician right now. *glows*

And yeah, I was backreading on Burris and he doesn't look at all bad.

Didn't he say he WASN'T going to...? Oh, right. You know his hair gives our Current Governor a run for its money.

Their hair is OTP?

*disturbed* Cross-state hair relationships rarely last long.

He is a hero for the ages.

Truly one to live on in infamye forever.

You go, Blagojevich! Don't let the Man hold you down! :-)

I feel more patriotic just thinking about him.

I was watching the movie Fargo the other day, and for some reason it seemed to me that Blagojevich would have been a character who fit right in that movie perfectly. Something about the shallow plastic earnestness that so ineffectively tries to cover up the shifty dishonesty.

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