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svreview: lineage, s2e8

I will update this more than once a week, I will update this more than once a week...


*looks sad* I'm out of chocolate. Darn Halloween for not coming twice in two weeks.

Today's Recs, including stories I either missed or can't remember reccing. *sighs* My memory sucks.

Lineage Ramblings, in no actual chronological order.

Red-haired Stalker Woman enters Kent household to--creep around creepily. I'm going to point out, I live very rural. I lock my doors. Every day. I'm just saying--and as Jack pointed out, the Kents are just amazingly trusting of the world in the most bizarre way possible. *shakes head* Is the storm cellar even locked?

Okay, lapse there, but I mean, REALLY.

Anyway, Creepy RedHair Stalker stalks Clark to school, somehow managing to get onto campus without Principle Meanie catching her (I wouldn't worry about a closed campus, Clark, apparently you won't get caught if you're late). Ambushes him by his locker, freaks him out. He goes home and panics, per usual. Mom and Dad say everything will be fine while exchanging Significant Looks on a Secret Past.

Way to keep a secret there.

So we've set it up for some bizarrity and some interesting character dynamics. I've never pretended that these sorts of eps AREN'T my favorite kind. Screw Krypto-mutants--give me dark pasts and angst.

So. Our People.

For the Chloe/Clark first fight, I refer you to Tara LJC, who did the best observations of the scene.

I'm with her on all points, but Chloe did piss me off with the posting messages to messageboards. The Smallville Theme seems to run to 'good intentions are great, but will always fuck you over', so hey, this ep's consistent in that one.

What's making me think, especially in light of Tara's thoughts, is that the show is setting up extremely deliberate roadblocks for any possible long-term ChLark. See, the thing where Chloe said she'd turn in her press creds for their friendship and Clark says she wouldn't? Which was kind of a throw away line, but a point of debate among slash fans. Pete knows and will take it to the grave if necessary. Chloe? I'm thinking they are establishing Chloe's inherent untrustworthiness with this kind of truth, aka Clark's origins. Which, if this is foreshadowing, is a little less anvily than I'd expect.

It's an interesting thought. Again, Tara LJC covers all the Chloe points beautifully, so go there.

Lex. Poor, poor, brothers appearing from the ether and disappearing Lex. Who got the shock of a lifetime to hear the possibility of Clark being his brother. That made me grin. Slashy interpretation? I wasn't seeing a lot of enthusiasm for the idea. Granted, on one hand, competition, and Lex is not a huge fan of having to compete even more than he does now for Daddy's Love. Plus? Can't have been amusing to find out while Mommy Dearest was sick, Daddy was nailing her nurse. No sympathy points here, ma'am.

Anyway, Lex doesn't get much screentime, but per usual, he uses everything he can. The Clark and Lex interaction was marvelous--Clark's discomfort and absolute certainty of no blood here, Lex's usual, indirect method leading to the point, and really, some of the best Lex/Clark friendship moments I've seen on the show. Just lovely level of comfort and interest and sweetness going on here. *sighs* Then, of course, Lex kidnapped, duct-taped *hee* to a chair, and the look on his face when Daddy Dearest says, will NOT negotiate with terrorists. No surprise. And that desperate kick at axe-woman? Geez louise. An AXE? Come ON, woman.

Typically, Lex is knocked out. RivkaT's The Presence of Fire is seriously starting to look canonesque.

This leads me, of course, to that Moment of Hair Fondling. In which Lex asks about Lucas Luthor, Daddy Dearest says no no no dead, Lex looks sad-ish and leaves, then Daddy inappropriately fondles a bit of blonde hair in a locket, along with a pic of a twelve year old boy he carries around with him.

Oh hmm. Fascinating as hell.

So, to set up some Lionel/Lexian history, we have Jitters, in which Daddy locks Lex in the building--you know, to save the town and stop the idiot terrorist. Hmm. Then we have Obviously Fucking Insane Ex-Girlfriend for Lineage, who he basically says, on national TV, yes, kill my son, I don't negotiate! And you know, he's sort of aware of this woman's obsessive stalky behavior here. Huh.

I see patterns going on here. You know, while Lionel may not be actively gunning for Lex, you can't convince me that he's not at least passively allowing Lex to get into danger. I'm mulling this, especially in comparison to Jonathan, who still annoys me on a lot of levels, but will go to the mat for his family. Lionel? There's a back-up heir. With good hair. Yes, no pun intended, but there we go, it's there.

Lana was less annoying than usual. Yay. And yes, stalking your possible daddy probably wasn't the brightest moment you've had, babe. And I have to ask, how, how, HOW can the man be aware Luthors are involved in the entire Talon business but never catch the name of the associates? Smallville is like Deaf For the Sake of Plot Central. They've all lived in Smallville all their lives, yet somehow MISS all this?

Just loses me.

Pretty Chloe and Lana interaction, though I'm really tired of hearing about How Secrets Are Bad or Wrong, because you know? They're not. It's called Privacy. Look it up.

The flashbacks were fun. Confirmation of Lionel being the enabler of Clark's adoption. Something we've all known. That Jonathan Kent had to manipulate the Rosses to get it? Hmm. I wish there were more details on this one.

Not being Jonathan's Cheerleader, I still found him great. Very take-charge, very much willing to do what it takes, wonderful with Wee!Lex, and let's face it, the man has nerves of STEEL. He drove Lionel around in a truck with a spaceship in the back covered by a TARP. I would have been a mess. What annoys me, per usual, is his double standard. He's willing to blame Lex for anything and everything Lionel's ever done, but keeps telling Clark that no, people aren't blamed for their parents' actions. It's family bias, I get that, but it's still annoying as hell.


As someone already commented, Martha's bosom is getting serious screentime. I mean, really. And this is not something I pay attention to, but the camera seems to like to linger on waist-up shots, and she wears a lot of very clingy clothes. Wow.

A couple of things that annoyed me.

One, DNA. Now, granted, I don't know that much about adoption proceedings, since I only have a couple of family members who were adopted themselves, and they are considerably older than me. BUT--on what grounds could a DNA test be forced? I could be wrong here, but does a natural parent once they've given up custody have the right to do that? If they'd set it up that Lionel had taken his child from her without her giving up custody, or maybe had her committed and the state removed custody due to that for some reason, that would be a hell of a lot more logical for grounds for a test, not to mention some very cool angst and actual possibility of the Kents losing their son. Just me on that one. So no, I don't see how she got this one, and frankly, I don't see why they chose this voluntary thing at all when the other way would have had a little more logic. But that's just me--again, very little understanding of standard adoption outside the basics.

Plus, I'm not entirely sure it's legal to stalk the child you gave up for adoption. Tara LJC was researching this stuff, so hopefully, she can clarify what I don't know.

Two, can this woman COUNT? Clark is THREE YEARS OLDER than her son! Okay, three to four, depending on how they set Clark's age at the adoption.

Hmm. Well, that covers my episode thoughts. Much enjoyed for the flashbacks and the Lexness, and most definitely the Chloe/Clark interaction. Tara is going to make me like this pairing whether I want to or not. Damn her!

So. There you have it. My friends list is practically overflowing with interesting Lineage thoughts, so run over and check it out.
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