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movie: the stanford prison experiment
children of dune - leto 1
The Stanford Prison Experiment, coming to a theatre near you. Eventually

...okay. I'm officially more excited about this than Star Trek and Watchmen combined. I mean--*flails*

Need trailer now.

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... people are already writing the prison sex, aren't they?

...no? Since the cast is not yet completely...

I will be disappointed if they are not, dammit. Bring it on.

Awesome. The SPE fascinates me so much.

This and the Milgram obedience. Just. Wow.

Wait, they made a movie of that *again*? I'm like 95% sure that I saw movie posters for a movie about that just a few years ago...

There was a German film also based on the experiment--Das Experiment, I think? They mention it in the forums on imdb.

*stares in shock* Yikes. You can actually get videotapes that Zimbardo narrates of the whole thing, with him in full bearded mad scientist glory.

Yeah. *glares* My paperwork? Partially his fault. Seriously, yes, he psychologically tortured people. But also? Created more paperwork for me.


But, I still think the research is incredibly fascinating, and that his reactions in retrospect have been helpful.

I bet he looked crazy. For some reason, to me, the neatest part is he got caught up in it as well.

I remember Das Experiment... it was one of the creepiest movies I've ever seen. Certain facts about the experiments were exaggerated and sensationalized for the movie, but you could see how it was all based on SOME level of truth. The plausibility of it was the creepiest thing about the movie.

I'm not sure whether Hollywood can do justice to the psychological experiment in cruelty and megalomania that is the Stanford Prison Experiment, but it would be interesting to see what kind of a movie they churn out.

Seriously? More eagerly anticipated that 'Watchmen'...? wow!

The entire series of human psychological experiments have fascinated me, so making a movie about one of the most notorious is definitely cool.

Who's playing Zimbardo?

Trufax: he was the guest lecturer for one of my acting classes. The grad student teaching it was doing Marat/Sade for his thesis project, and the day Zimbardo was there, we did a roleplay with some of us as asylum inmates and some as guards.

At the time, I didn't know much about the SPE. Later, I saw the video with Zimbardo narrating, and I was really glad he was only a guest lecturer.

Life did an episode based around a prison experiment in which one of the inmates killed a guard with a shiv made from a plastic bag, and they just presented it as if a psych professor today could be running them once a year with no changes from the way Zimbardo ran his, and it pulled me out of the show SO HARD. I spent the whole time going, "NO NO NO! YOU CAN'T JUST DO THIS ANYMORE!"

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