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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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and then there was midnight
children of dune - leto 1
One more day of work and I'm off for nine--nine!--glorious days of Christmas. And the Christmas Store will be visited, and ornaments purchased, and I can justify this year by saying that this is for my country to ease the economic crisis. I am truly a patriot.

Sadly, this entry will get less sensical from here.

How I Embrace My Weak Will

The thing is, I think I should be worried when I realize I have a playlist that is exclusively songs either by certain AIRPS subjects (that being David Cook) or songs mentioned in the freaking fanfic, which is why I own Seal's Prayer for the Dying for no particular reason. I already had Closer*.

I mean, I'm not worried? But I feel I should be.

In case someone out there is curious about what I'm reading, Time of Your Life by astolat, AIRPS, which by the way, if you ever need to say out loud, don't, because that acronym was never meant to be sounded out. Or thought about too hard.

Oh good, just checked. The playlist also has songs from vids! I'm just going to point this out, until I entered fandom, I never spent so much money on music. Ever.

Also, read that one. It's very long and very cute and there's a puppy that cameos, but it's adorable. There's also disneyland, blogland, cameraphones, and how all of these things can change the world order. Or at least, Archie's world order.

Note: despite the fact this version of Closer only exists in Astolat's imagination and I really do know that, I was typing it into iTunes and wondering, maybe, maybe it's out there, like a modified Rule 34 for music. Which just goes to show, logic is for wimps.

Star Trek

And to make this entry a little less about my deep and powerful suggestibility, Long-Suppressed Gay Star Trek Episode Comes Out and Peter Kirk is a.) adorable and b.) his hair! Why do I like his hair? So ashamed. Two minuteish video and commentary.

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(Deleted comment)
i love that fic. and i wish that version of closer existed too. ;)

I am convinced that astolat's version of Closer exists in an alternate universe.

I did not search itunes for a long time for it either. Not at all.

Captain Kirk's nephew Peter is already canon. There are three from James' older brother, George Samuel Kirk, and his wife Aurelan, but only Peter is named in the series, and that there were three mentioned earlier seemed to be forgotten by the writers of the episode featuring the characters, "Operation: Annihilate!" The actor in the photo is dressed and and his hair is styled like the original teen's. Craig Hundley, who played Peter, also acted in another episode as a different character in "And the Children Shall Lead."

I once started a fanfic about Peter, years ago. *nostalgic*

Yes, I know. I watched the show. I just thought it was cute.

Heh. I was more responding to the article author's assertion that the episode introduced a new character, Peter Kirk.

(Deleted comment)
Oooh yeah, a few weeks ago. I feel so doomed.

Sorry about the previous comment, which I just deleted: someone on my flist posted a bootleg of Cook singing "Creep" along with several other cool bootlegs, including someone who sounds a lot like Cook singing a damned nice acoustic version of "Closer", and I somehow have been laboring under the illusion that the Closer bootleg was, in fact, sung by David Cook all this time. But it was "Maroon 5", whoever the heck they are.

Again, sorry if I got your hopes up! Cook does a fab version of Creep, but you probably already have that, being a stone fan and all.

Ooh. Maroon 5? And no, I haven't heard either one! Share please? *hopeful*

Done! I put up both songs on my LJ just now!

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