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The Toybox

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so that was loud and weird
children of dune - leto 1
....so there was a hugely loud, long noise outside our house, a great deal, I may speculate, like a plane flying far, far too low and getting massive wind resistance. Loud enough to drown out two TVs. For at least a full minute. Faintly, I think I can still hear it.

That is disturbing. We couldn't see anything, though. Going south toward the airport. Any other Austinites around, plz to be looking out your window for a something unusual. Like a large plane.

This isn't going to help my slowly growing flying issues, is it?

*looking out window* Hmm.

ETA: And now Child is planted on the front lawn speculating on cloud formations and esoteric noises. *facepalm* At least he's wearing pants. You have no idea how comforting that is right now.

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Well this: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/world/news/article.cfm?c_id=2&objectid=10548763 only just happened, but it would mean you were in possession of super mutant hearing abilities. I think you should put it on your CV just to be safe.

I have alwasy hoped for mutant powers, but I was kind of holding out for telekinesis. Dammit.

The cloud cover is really low. Maybe the pilot was avoiding the incoming fog? (Nothing on any of the news websites...) I know when I used to live in the flight path to old Mueller, I could tell you how low the ceiling was by how loud the plane engines were.

I'm thinking yeah. I've just never heard a plane that loud near our house before. It was weird.

We used to live 1.5 blocks from some LIRR tracks. We used to warn people from earthquake areas not to freak out because it shook the house enough to rattle the knick knacks. It's weird when you're not used to it. Weather's been wacky, would not surprise me if they'd had weird flight plans going on.

Silly seperis! It's clearly aliens coming down to say Cower, Earthling Hello! I mean, *obviously*.

Terminator 3 is on TV right now.

Just sayin...

You know how some people post these incredibly hot little snippets of fic and then need a little encouragement to finish them? isagel posted a bit of PB fic and I think another voice in the wildnerness encouraging her to finish it would be a good thing.

*nudges you*

Even though I used to live over near the incoming-from-Dallas Bergstrom flight path, I rarely heard planes. Sometimes, though, when the clouds and the flight paths were just right, it would be DEAFENING, and I'd be sure there was a plane going down, like, down the street.

Freaked me out every time, and we lived there three years.

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