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so that was loud and weird there was a hugely loud, long noise outside our house, a great deal, I may speculate, like a plane flying far, far too low and getting massive wind resistance. Loud enough to drown out two TVs. For at least a full minute. Faintly, I think I can still hear it.

That is disturbing. We couldn't see anything, though. Going south toward the airport. Any other Austinites around, plz to be looking out your window for a something unusual. Like a large plane.

This isn't going to help my slowly growing flying issues, is it?

*looking out window* Hmm.

ETA: And now Child is planted on the front lawn speculating on cloud formations and esoteric noises. *facepalm* At least he's wearing pants. You have no idea how comforting that is right now.
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