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recs: american idol rps
christmas bears
Before I forget again.

American Idol RPS

Explanation: You see, it's because astolat and celli write it, so really, I think we can call this fictional coercion, because I am not a big RPS reader, but them, yes. It's like out_there as my Prison Break dealer.

Real Forever If by astolat - if this wasn't astolat, if this wasn't AIRPS, if this was about a man and a squid*, I'd still read it because the premise fascinates me. The neat part is, I read the AU label and went, hmm, and started reading to see what happened and it was not-AU, not-AU, not-AU, hey, where's the...

It took nine words.

"You're in the early stages of fixating," she said.

And then I said "Oh" and then I read it a few times a day for about two weeks or so and kept it open in my browser window to re-read. And I'm re-reading it now. Since you know, it's here and all.

Woke Up Married by celli - the premise is the title, and the title is the premise, and that is the philosphy. The execution is anything but that simple. It's cute and it's fun and I read it while it was in progress and whined when I didn't get my fix and then Celli blocked me (okay, she didn't, but it makes a good story if I say that, and then I can ask for a pony and someone will feel so sorry for me they will send it).


*if it were astolat, I might. otherwise, I'd do a find/replace "squid" with "dean winchester" to see how that would work and create a new and exciting way to traumatize myself badly.

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I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one compulsively rereading 'Real Forever If'!

Not to mention that astolat and celli and their AI RPS have totally run roughshod over my RPS squick. And really weirdly, most of their AI fics I've read have been really strangely therapeutic.

Yes! I haven't been into RPS since Queer as Folk, since there was not much regular fiction and I needed my fix *bad*, but AIRPS is totally doing it for me. *bewildered*

And yeah, I am one with the constant re-reading.

I'd do a find/replace "squid" with "dean winchester" to see how that would work and create a new and exciting way to traumatize myself badly.

Now I totally want to go to Project Gutenberg, download, like, gothic romances and/or horror stories from the early 1800s, and find/replace one of the lead characters' names (probably the heroine's, just because) with Dean Winchester. Not that gothic romances/horror stories from the early 1800s are all equatable with squid fic (and they're *certainly* not equatable with astolat's fic). Except, well.

Oh man, yes. Yes. That would be epic.

Hee, I'm fine with RPS but have never seen AI in my life (being in Scotland and all) and have no idea what these guys look/sound like! Yet I can't resist astolat's fic, in whatever flavour.

Now I shall go read the one by celli!

They are *pretty* and the fic is *good*. *GLEE*

I've also never been big into RPS, but then I read Mastermind and suddenly it was like SOLD SIGN ME UP WHERE IS MOAR FIC. (How does astolat *do* that?)

Great recs- both of these were great.

Yes! I was kind of okay, interesting, but she sucked me in like whoa.

*is not going to send you a pony, but will read these on the weekend*

*hee* well, I can live without the pony if you read the fic.

I actually did the super-sneaky thing of printing out Celli's at lunch. So I'm halfway through it. (And suddenly listening to David Cook on my mp3 player. It's all Celli's fault.)

I'm afraid the Cook/Archuletta stuff is where astolat lost me. She's an amazingly gifted writer, and got me to read and enjoy Wincest despite normally being squicked by incest stories, but RPS featuring a minor is my line in the sand. I'm just going to have to wait until another fandom starts giving her plot bunnies.

aww, hee! Now I want to write some man/squid for you. ♥

ps: may get distracted by the walrus/elf fandom, though...

*bites lip hard* Elves do go with everything....

I could block you if you want. *g*

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