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The Toybox

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this is not a test. this is a poll.
christmas two
Poll. Because they are there and I can't think of a reason not to. Also because I discovered a fascinating fact; I am going to die before I finish this story that was already finished before svmadelyn says "I think you skimmed some of this" which is why it went from a healthy 29K to an unfinished 45K that, due to cleverly deleting what you had before, now requires a rewrite that you suspect will only end with your life. Which is somehow ironic, considering the premise.

...right. Poll! Here!

Poll #1316542 TABS ARE FOREVER!!!!!

What is the greatest number of tabs in Firefox you have had open at one time?

Careful, Aren't We: 1 - 10
Okay, That's Reasonable: 11 - 20
...Really: 21 - 50
Why In the Name of God: 51 - 99
Screenshots or It Didn't Happen: 100+

ETA: Trufax - I think my most was thirteen. I del.icio.us all fic I read or want to read and live in terror of a browser shutdown. I am boggling at 121 now. I want to try that.

(Deleted comment)
*dies* I get eleven and start shutting them down.

I almost always have about 40 open, and often get up to 70 or so. Then, if I've been offline for a while, getting up to 100 is no sweat at all.

...wow. I had no idea it was that common. I saw someone have like, seventy and was like OMG.

I love that, so far, no one has less than 11. :)

The Age of Tabs and Firefox is a wondruous one. *g*

I think my highest was something like 122, when my internet wasn't working. I would go to the library, open a shitload of tabs on my laptop, and then bring it back home to read the tabs all night. Normally though, between 1 and 2 dozen.

Ooh, that makes sense. When I was offline I would open a huge number of windows to read later.

I tend to open tabs and then forget to close them. I also have a bunch of fics that I keep meaning to read in a whole bunch of them (I'm going to guess at least 15 or so, maybe as many as 30) but who has time to read fic?

121 - I just kept moving stuff I meant to deal with into a bookmark folder and finally dealt with it when I had time again. Every time I opened the folder it attempted to crash my computer. The Youtube tabs were the worst because every time I opened the folder they would all start playing and I'd be hit with a bunch of noise that took forever to stop. Solution: turn off speakers, then open the tabs.

Also, I just checked. My current 'to deal with' folder has 261 bookmarks. I have a feeling that one's going to succeed in crashing my computer when I open it. :)

Right now this very second I have 39 tabs open in one window, and 12 open in another window. It slows everything down, but I CAN'T STOP MYSELF. This is actually kind of on the low side for me. Please send help.

...did you see the people above? I HAVE LIKE SEVEN RIGHT NOW AND I FEEL THAT IS PUSHING IT.

I went with "Why In The Name of God". It was slooow, but in my defense I was catching up on the flist after I got back from holiday, and I always open links and LJ-cuts in a new tab.

Yes, the slowness. And terror of crashing for me.

I get twitchy once I can't see the page title, but from time to time I have a bunch of links from one place that I want to look at, so I tab 'em all open at once and go through them one by one.

This. I need the title. As God knows what I might have opened by accident. What if it was GoatseLand or something?

On purpose? 11-20

By accident when the boxer jumped up and hit the mouse? Well over 100 as it somehow opened one of my bookmark folders "in tabs". ^.^

I do LOVE using tabs though!


Bookmark folders can do that? *twitch* Oh dear.

Downloading pictures from hq pictures board. Oh, yeah, over 100 ain't hard to hit. Bless that cable internet.

*giggles* Tabs were invented for that, I think.

83, most of which were fic to read or research for fic I'm writing. I figure if I keep maps of the region a fic is set in open indefinitely, then I'll HAVE to pick up the WIP one of these days, right? :P

There were 64 open on the laptop before it crashed and I have 8 open right now on the poor struggling tortoise of a desktop (2 fics and a recs set).

*heee* Actually, that's good logic there. *nods*

I've only been over 11 *once*. I generally don't like tabs. I usually have only three or four browser windows at a time (*usually*) - yahoo mail, flist, and whatever fic I'm reading at the time. Fourth randomly gets opened for a check of the weather or gmail. Or shopping. That's it.

(and they have to be in a specific order on the taskbar, too. but let's not talk about that)

...okay, so I am not the only one who is anal about the taskbar? Because I have an *order* they have to be in or I get twitchy. Outlook (if I'm using it), browser, Office or docs, then music player, then trillian/messenger.

I have actually closed everything down to get the right order before.

Regularly I'm probably between ten and twenty at any given time, but sometimes there are a lot of stories or episode reaction posts or something that I want to read, so it can go up to 40 or 50 when that happens. Before I disabled the Tab Mix extension, they would all be in neat rows, so I could see them all at once, too, which is nice.

Ahh, Tab Mix does the rows? Neat! I saw someone's screenshot like that and wondered what made it row up.

(Deleted comment)
I have two permanent, and three that I open regularly. It's the load time and resources I worry about; Firefox gets huge fast.

The editing thing is a really good idea. I keep not thinking to do that when I'm working on my webpage or editing something online. *makes note*