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and so the sun was darker in mine eyes, and suchforth, and whatever

Linx: stop holding our kids back, the true story of an Austin Middle School Teacher whose enslavement to Windows led her down a dark path of believing Linux was not free, critiquing a project that puts computers in the hands of underprivileged children since it used the Linux operating system, and promising dire legal consequences to the innocent blogger. With sublime delicacy, only her first name is used, to protect her identity.

This kind of injustice moved me. I wept.

Miraculously, however, there came this:

Character Assassinations Ain't Us, whereas after international--international--outrage, the chastised teacher calls the blogger, tears thickening her voice. And so it begins.

After a heartrending conversation (I admit it; I cried. Nearly a religious experience), the saddened but determined blogger goes on to explain about the evils of Windows and the fault is not with the teacher, but with society Windows. They know not what they do is cried, but in more words because I would not say pithy applies here by any means, which is applicable to both crucifixion and choice of operating systems.

And I truly, with all my heart, believe that it happened just like this.

...actually, I don't know, though I do give points for reshaping facts into parables. I do love a good story.
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