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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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observed, and by that I mean, me and cnn are bff
children of dune - leto 1
Okay, is it just me that is following along with the trials and tribulations of Illinois' Blagojevich with a kind of obsessive addiction? I don't even need to set alerts; I can sense when there is going to be New(ish) Relevations (sort of), in that way that there's a new one every thirty minutes, so call this less sixth sense and more basic pattern recognition.

What will that crazy guy have done next? *utterly riveted*

(Also, I'm with everyone else. His hair is bothering me. Like, to the point where I want to assign it a name and it's own part in this entire thing. Could totally happen.)

The hair is a bad clone from a Goa'uld who shall remain unnamed.

This would not surprise me. I am waiting for it to show up on the indictment so we can learn its name and the goals of its people on our planet.

If it answers your question at all, my immediate response to this post was, "Wait, does this mean there's new news?" ::reloads Talking Points Memo::

Somewhere on the tubes *waves hand vaguely* I saw something about how he's an Elvis fan, and he thinks his hair is Elvisesque. Elvisian?

Now I, too, am going out to see what he's done now. It's better than seeing the Republicans destroy the economy in a fit of pique.

I have never had such a good time reading a legal document as that report on his activities.

My husband, Scott lived in Chicago for 4 years doing a job, he left the day after someone attempted to car jack him while stopped at a red light at 6 at night. He told me that Chicago is a tough place to live and the people that live there are tougher then nails.

I wonder how much of the tough as nails seeped into his (Blagojevich) and his wife's blood, the reason I ask this is that the transcripts from the conversations that he and his wife had just sound so uncaring and so all about them that there has to be something wrong, you know like not just mental instability and a pumped up sense of themselves but something wrong in their core that made them act like animals trying to get the biggest scraps that they could.

I am fascinated by the whole story. I have been reading everything and the story gets bigger and almost overwhelming to grasp.

Oh well sorry for the long winded comment :)

No! Bring thoughts! Mine are still--you know, what surprises me isn't the crimes, its that he was caught. I tend to default to corrupt until proven less corrupt, so the stupidity is what actually shocked me. The actual crimes were horrifying, but not a real surprise.

His hair reminds me of that episode of Robot Chicken where Shatner's rug has a Secret Lifestyle as a spy and toupee-about-town. . .

*dies* That is--frighteningly possible.

Normally I would be, but the fact that there's allegations of bribery in Chicago politics is pretty par for the course. The only thing that surprises me at this point is that he got caught (well, and the fact that Obama somehow made it out with at least the illusion of his hands being clean), especially considering our last governor is still sitting in jail for his corruption charges.

I'd guess that most of Chicago's infrastructure runs at least somewhat on bribery. I know for a fact that anyone trying to run a convention at McCormick Place has to grease a lot of palms, or else cords start getting cut and equipment gets mysteriously damaged. Gotta love this town.

No, not just you. Both CNN and ontdp have been sticky tabbed since yesterday :)

and his hair reminds me of a certain muppet's, but I can't remember which one. It's been driving me crazy since this whole thing began.

The Hair reminds of someone from the 70's with a big mane and lots of teeth (no, not Farrah!) Maybe I'm thinking of Starbuck from the original Battlestar, or maybe Keith Partridge, or Hutch.

It's driving me crazy.

I always thought that Midwest politics were pretty boring, especially compared to Las Vegas but, now that I'm in Wisconsin, I have to say - between the Minnesota recount and the whole Chicago debacle I am endlessly fascinated!

We've been dealing with him for years so it's funny to see all of the national attention now, when he's been making Illinois news forever doing stupid shit. I think it's kind of like "duh" for those of us who have had to follow his career (and his hair!). I don't think the national news has even really talked about all the other stupid tricks he's tried to play on us in the past, although selling the senate seat is totally the worst.

I am so there with you!

Have you read the is article about the prosecutor?
Granted, I don't agree with everything Fitzgerald did, but still an awesome person.

I'm pretty sure I live down the street from him. I'm breathing his rarefied air.

*dusts nails*

separated at birth...

You live in Texas, right? Texas Gov Rick Perry and Illinois Gov what-his-name were obviously separated at birth. Need proof? see http://img156.imageshack.us/img156/2002/rickperry5fj4.jpg

My parents are blaming me for this. I was a florida absentee voter in 2000, lived in DC for the Bush years, and now? Now I'm in Chicago.

People seem much more pissed off about the blatant stupidity than the corruption.

And he lives within a mile or two of my house, which is always fun. So does Rahm Emmanual for that matter.

Well then, hi neighbor!