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this is not what anyone sane calls an update

Two days of overtime would usually mean I'd get a little hyper, because work and then extra work set off an endorphin rush like you would not believe. No, really. I mean, it's not like something I seek out, but when it's inevitable, it's fun. After I get home.

However, not so right now, since I suspect a.) one of my supervisors is trying to catch me loafing off and b.) I am loafing off because I finished everything I could finish and yet c.) I still have to do the overtime.

There's an entire thing here that makes me tired and less inclined to write people having sex. Or fun. Or like, happiness.

Hmm. I am trying to think of other news that is actually interesting.


A.) For people who like small children and Dr. Seuss, buy two get one free at amazon, which I took shameless advantage of. Unfortunately, it's literal, as in, you cannot buy four and get two free. So that was three separate orders, with me sitting there carefully calculating by price to get the best discount. However, my nephew now has three small board books for when he starts reading, four larger ones that will be read to him, and two that are regular sized, and all Dr. Seuss, who I did not realize was this awesome.

B.) Got Gran Turismo Prologue for Child and for me, because I love that damn game so much. The rest of the Wii stuff delivered, and despite my desire for Mario Kart, I think three games plus the Wii board are enough to entertain everyone for a while.

C.) Miscellaneous shopping left blah blah blah.

...unexpectedly saw 1man1jar. No, you can google if you want to see it. I'm still processing how exactly this will manifest in my daily behavior, but I am thinking that psychosis is not out of the question. Because you know, goatse? Wasn't as terrifying as I'd been led to believe. I really didn't have time to work this up into something horrifying and be pleasantly surprised by appalled. No.

*waves hand* Carry on. I have been told I haev two more days of overtime left. Pretty sure clinical insanity is not far behind.
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