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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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this is why the internetz rules
children of dune - leto 1

Sims 2 Wank at Fandom Wank.

I am kind of envious, though. I have a dream, you see, that one day, I can give an order to pillage and destroy.

*sighs* One day. One day there will be pillaging.

Also, wow. That was epic. And very efficiently run epic, as well.

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...if you give me a tank, I'll do the destroying part! British Challenger, plzkthx.

I can do tanks.


That was awesome. My favourite part of all wanks like this is when the person who doesn't understand what's going on works on business time and turns off their computer for the weekend. And somehow this always seems to occur on a long weekend.

God, I know. I mean, part of the reason I love my laptop? When I leave for a weekend, I can still keep up. Which if you are fannish, you learn fast the second your connection goes, everything explodes.

*sad for mundanes*

Wow. I never used that site, I pretty much stick to MTS2. What a mess!

I'm not into Sims, but wow, that was epic.

That was hilarious! THANK YOU. I love it when douchebags get fucked.

*snaps fingers* I need to become tech savvy so I can order to pillage and destroy, because dude, that sounds awesome and my fluffy psychology degree just will never allow those words to leave my mouth.

Though, I will say this Walt guys an idiot in every way possible and ain't a very good business man. A little bit of research would have saved him some money and one hell of a headache.

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