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conspicuous consumerism ftw!

So got Child The Simpson's Game and Rayman Raving Rabbids due to recommendation on my LJ and well, Rabbids. So only the charging station for the Wii Fit board and the remotes, and an extra remote and nunchuck are required. The rest is if God sees fit to send me another sale.

The one thing I'm struggling on is the BBC's Planet Earth because while it looks amazing, he's not currently in that nature area atm and probably won't be until the Science Fair is over. It's also pretty expensive for something he may not watch for several months. Also Galapados (turtles ftw!) and a neat DVD set called Predators of the Deep which sounds like lots of vicious underwater animals and is right up Child's alley. And Blue Planet. And thoughts on The Elegant Universe because well, because. I don't know what it means that my entire Child movie shopping list is All Documentaries, All the Time. On nature.

Joy occurs when one can wander around Best Buy and say things like "Wii! Wii games! Where are the Wiiiiii controllers? I really never get tired of saying that. Ever.

Picked up Hancock today, as I am helpless before the power of Will Smith.

Anyone have any good Black Friday shopping?
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