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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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so there's no hope, right?
moody cow
Reason five hundred million I will never live in an underwater city deep beneath surface of the ocean, located within its lightless depths.

Squid With Elbows

Yes. Not only are they huge and scary and gelatinous, they have elbows.

And here is video in case, like me, you wanted to look upon the shape of your fate as it drifts in cold water and think to yourself, Hey, God? You gotta be *kidding* me.

And here I was worried about Zombies. Is there a Massive Elbowed Squid Survival Guide? Well, why not?

Why? WHY would you show that to me?>

I am going to have NIGHTMARES forever because of that! Lah, Lah, Lah.

Did not happen. NEVER SAW THAT.

I am never, ever going swimming in anything other than a chlorinated pool EVER EVER again.

Re: Why? WHY would you show that to me?>

Check this post:


Then, then you will understand fear.

....my God the crab.

(Deleted comment)

Massive Elbowed Squid Survival Guide

Massive Elbowed Squid Survival Guide

Get out of the water.

Re: Massive Elbowed Squid Survival Guide

Next is thumbs. We are so doomed.

(Deleted comment)
They have elbows. Opposable thumbs are coming.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
That is so very War of the Worlds. *hides* Um, do you think maybe the common cold will kill them too? Could be our only hope.

*whimpers* They live in near-frozen water. I think we are doomed.

I confess I too ran across this this morning, but via a Twitter feed. There's even a blog. It's just because I have a fondness for cephalopods in general, I swear. *considers that sentence* Um. That doesn't help, does it?

I, too, am fascinated by squid.

...I add terror now when they can elbow me on sight.

OMG, I always knew that water was a scary thing. You can't trust anything that swims or drifts underwater. They are all crazy!

GAaaaAAHh! This is disturbing. Yet another reason why we need to drill for less oil. Who want to wake ore of these monsters up?


Seriously. The deeps of the oceans are one of the biggest unknowns in science. Well, them and some of the deeps of the rainforests. But mostly the deeps of the oceans.

Although whether we need to be drilling for oil in the deeps instead of just investigating is, uh, just a smidge debatable. :P But, you know. SCIENCE!

*is a biology geek, can you tell?*

(Deleted comment)
I read about the squid and even saw a picture, and I was like "whatevs, that's not even scary." Then I clicked on that video link, and it started playing, and all of a sudden I was alone in my house, yelling "OMG WTF IS THAT AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I don't think one can truly appreciate the creepiness of it without seeing the unperturbed flapping of the GIANT AS SHIT FIN THINGS and the trailing of the ONE MILLION FOOT LONG TENTACLES.


OMG, why is it so much more scary that it is with elbows? Am going to have squid nightmares now.

Also, I kind of crave fried calmari.

I can't even think of calimari. They may be able to hear thoughts!

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. I am so afraid right now, and I am nowhere near a large body of water.


He looks... delicious!

I can see the evolutionary advantages for an elbowed squid. He can elbow other, non-elbowed squids out of the way of the food and any female squid that might be floating by.

Did you not see his long ass tentacles with those elbows?

We are so doomed.

Whoa. It's usually pretty hard to creep me out. This did. Elbows?!?! That is so not right.

Yes! This is what I am saying! They are evolving to kill and humanari us.

So a while back it was observed that octopi use their tentacles as though they actually had shoulder/elbow/wrist joints, and concluded that this is actually the most effective arrangement for an efficient range of motion, or some such.

Also, I have a major squid fan elsewhere on my friends list. Icon choice not coincidental. (I'd pass her the link but I'm betting she'll have seen it by now anyway.)

The Elder Gods swim amongst us! We are at the mouth of madness!

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!