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Doing some clean-up of my reading delicious tags was enlightening. I keep thinking I'm going to eventually add more acronyms to explain my initial reaction to the story so as to remind myself what it's about before I try and read it again. See, the thing is, I've learned if I don't remember reading it? Pretty good chance that was my mind's last-ditch defense against brain scarring. Second view, I'm damaged for life. This has happened several times, and at least with Dean/Castiel, it's not even that I'm squeamish on religious toned porn. Angel porn is awesome. Angel porn with a sad lack of understanding of contractions or hell, language, is not awesome. It makes me want to smite.

Smite them but good.

This doesn't happen to me in fandoms I'm active-active in. SGA and dS are easy to avoid the bad; I mean, there's so much that I can avoid the bad stuff by that special voice of reason that says "Look at the summary. Look how they misspelled Fraser. You want to go there?" It's a good system. With Dean/Castiel, I can't be picky. There aren't enough to be picky about. Which is why I'm eyeing the fic I mentally marked as "Oh my God don't go there" because it's been two days and I've already burned through one hundred and three fic of the Dean and Castiel persuasion and really, I need my fix.

Life hard. Send brownies. Or possibly a retcon.
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