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i wish i could stop myself
children of dune - leto 1
Doing some clean-up of my reading delicious tags was enlightening. I keep thinking I'm going to eventually add more acronyms to explain my initial reaction to the story so as to remind myself what it's about before I try and read it again. See, the thing is, I've learned if I don't remember reading it? Pretty good chance that was my mind's last-ditch defense against brain scarring. Second view, I'm damaged for life. This has happened several times, and at least with Dean/Castiel, it's not even that I'm squeamish on religious toned porn. Angel porn is awesome. Angel porn with a sad lack of understanding of contractions or hell, language, is not awesome. It makes me want to smite.

Smite them but good.

This doesn't happen to me in fandoms I'm active-active in. SGA and dS are easy to avoid the bad; I mean, there's so much that I can avoid the bad stuff by that special voice of reason that says "Look at the summary. Look how they misspelled Fraser. You want to go there?" It's a good system. With Dean/Castiel, I can't be picky. There aren't enough to be picky about. Which is why I'm eyeing the fic I mentally marked as "Oh my God don't go there" because it's been two days and I've already burned through one hundred and three fic of the Dean and Castiel persuasion and really, I need my fix.

Life hard. Send brownies. Or possibly a retcon.

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See, the thing is, I've learned if I don't remember reading it? Pretty good chance that was my mind's last-ditch defense against brain scarring. Second view, I'm damaged for life.

LOL! Yes, it happens just like that! I feel your pain, sister!

And you would think I'd learn, right? No. I have to go look and see what it is I marked that I don't remember. Then it's all downhill from there.

*twitches* Castiel does not approve of some of those shenanigans.

Unfortunately I only keep track of the stuff I like. Then somebody mentions a fic and I think, oh yeah, think I read that ... And then halfway through it's SPORK SPORK SPORK!

...and sometimes, you keep reading anyway?

Yeah. *sad* Me too.

YES. It is my downfall--I have to see what happened at the end. It scars my brain and poisons my soul and I keep going anyway. :-(

*spikes our hot cocoa*

(Deleted comment)
Yes. It's like, you know sometimes.

I've had similar experiences with Prison Break and CSI:NY fics, where the only good fics are hidden under dozens of scary AUs or oddly characterized stories that don't make any sense at all!

BTW, where are you finding your Dean/Castiel fics?? I've been looking for some goodies.

If you find readable Prison Break, feel free to email me.


That's where I'm getting mine currently. eighth-horizon, emerald_embers, dotfic, feldspar2, and waldorph, off the top of my head, are really good. I'm still going through what I read to mark the ones I want to re-read and rec.

Oh! And this one, short but awesome.


Deeply awesome last line.

(Deleted comment)
You are *mean*. *sulks*

run into any really good Dean/Castiel? I haven't had the time to weed through them. :( But I really want to read good stories with this pairing.

I haven't marked all the ones I loved yet, but on quick scan:


Gen (with subtext)

There are several more, but I just started marking the ones I really liked for reccing. But feldspar2, eighth-horizon, dotfic, waldorph, and emerald-embers, there is no bad.

thanks for the links. :)

Thanks for posting these! You have more bravery than I do to wade through the sketch Dean/Castiel to find the gems. (Though anything by eighth-horizon is usually guaranteed awesome.)

I feel your pain, though I'm kind of wondering where you managed to find 103 Dean/Castiel stories--is there a comm other than deancastiel that I should know about? (I mean, I've read all the ones linked through spnnewsletter, obviously, but are there other Dean/Castiel comms?)

Not other than that one. I used delicious dean/castiel to get some. Some are moer gen than ship, but I take what I can get. *sighs*

Well, if you've found 103 stories I suspect you've read everything I have bookmarked, but just in case you haven't"

http://delicious.com/norwich36/Castiel (these are mostly gen).

Not before, but I have now. Hmm. I do like Castiel when he's being a little scary.

There's fromperdition which is strictly a Castiel community, but it does get a lot of links to Dean/Castiel fic. Probably not much that doesn't show up on deancastiel, though.

Edited at 2008-11-24 03:34 pm (UTC)


Yeah, I've basically had entire pairings ruined for me this way.

I know exactly what you mean. :(

I've only recently started reading Dean/Castiel, so I haven't read that much yet. You've probably already seen this fic, but if not: Melting Verse. I've only read the first story, but I'm enjoying it so far.

Oh god, I did not care all that much about Castiel until 4x10, but suddenly I am very, very interested. It's been a couple of months since he showed up, right? Why isn't there more??? Most of the links posted in this thread? Already visited. D:

Have you tried the stories by hollycomb? She's got three longish Dean/Castiel stories that are all strong, in my opinion.

This is the link to the first one:


it'd b great if someone made a list of recs for dean-castiel. really. i find too few, and most of them suck :( i'm gonna go try out the ones u people rec above, so, thanks

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