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episode review: supernatural 4.10


I am crushing on Castiel like whoa.

Things That Make Me Wonder

Uriel is the pissiest angel that ever angeled, I have to say. Not that this makes me like him less; if you were bopping around earth with Castiel the human-lover and watching humans for a few thousand years doing their level best to self-destruct, you'd be pretty grumpy too. For some reason the ape bit struck me--I have this image of him around during Darwin's lectures going "I KNEW IT. SPEAK IT. APES IN PANTS EVEN." Which makes no sense, but I never promise sense. I'm just saying, Darwin groupie. Also, I bet that insult worked loads better seventy or so years ago.

Uriel's neat. He's sarcastic and driven and kind of vicious and embodies Wrath inside a very thin layer of humanesque skin. I really want to see him with a flaming sword. He doesn't like humans. I mean, even in a theoretical sort of way. I'd almost say resentment, which makes me wonder if his celestial version of hatred for Anna was at least in part not Disobedience, capital D, but wanting to be one of them. What I'm not sure of either way, though it makes me curious, if he hates humans in that eww, beneath me way, or hates them because of the gift they received of free will that he wants for himself (aka Lucifer which I keep wanting to spell with a v and don't know why), or hates them because of their abuse of that gift. Basically, I could be convinced on any of them but I lean toward b just because the idea fascinates me.

The thing that makes me wonder is, considering Uriel's not-very-divorced-from-his-ape-skin-emotions, if possessing a human subjects angels to being less in the way of angelically neutral and more human. In their pure form, sure, they are the ultimate in embodiment of God's will, but I have to think that living in a human shell and being subject to flesh has to have an effect of some kind. Even if it's muted.

There's also the fact that Uriel was carrying around Anna's grace and that was malice. I just--no matter what Anna et al say about angels having no feelings, Uriel in humansuit is either more subject to them than anyone admits, or Uriel is ripe for a hard Fall. Lucifer hated humans too, didn't he? Resented their free will? If this is going that direction, I am so there.

This is not a way to ship Dean/Castiel. I ship them sans thoughts on the subject.

Things That Make Me Happy

Castiel is--I don't even know. I love his complexity. I love his not-exactly-innocence, and his sweetness, and that terrifying bedrock center of him that's absolute stillness compared to Uriel's constant inner motion. I love that he likes Dean, because he would, and he likes humans, and he finds the world beautiful and worth saving. And I wonder if it was Anna's fall that did it for him, or if he was already sympathetic and watched her fall and wished he could join her. And if that is why he was sent to Dean in the first place, because seriously, I cannot see Uriel dragging Dean out of hell. I mean, I try, because hey, God's will. And I just can't.

Castiel is my crack. I love him and his coat and unbuttoned collar and the way he thinks about everything even while he does it.

Dean waiting thirty years to go to the dark side is cool, but what's weirdly cooler is if it's possible, if this is how demons are made, couldn't they just group together and take over and get out? I'm just saying, uprising in hell isn't the worst idea ever. There's something in that which is teasing my memory, but I'm not sure what it is. My theology is sketchy and odd, but you know, even if the more powerful demons of hell are the ones that accompanied Lucifer, pretty sure humans outnumber them. I don't know where I'm going with this, but in a war between heaven and earth, that seems significant. Ruby came back, after all, in whatever morally ambiguous way she has. John Winchester went somewhere not-hell, because Dean would have seen him if he was still there, as that would be traumatic for him and they were all about eternal trauma.

I am in the minority on this, but I like this Ruby a lot better than the other one. I don't know why, but she works for me the way that the other one just irritated me. I think part of it was the other Ruby never felt as close to understandable, or human, as this one did. The girl crawled out of hell at least twice trying to save humanity knowing what her fate would be. That's freaking awesome, and I feel it in her this time around, what it cost her and why she might have done it.

Anna was just neat. I liked her humanity and how when she remembered what she was, it felt like she was so much more. And I loved how she knew what Dean had gone through and how he had to forgive himself. And how Dean slept with an angel which was totally coming since Sam is nailing a demon and the universe likes symmetry. He's as fallen as she is in a way, from human to demon, like she went from angel to human.

Other Points to Ponder

Seriously, Uriel, watch that resentment. Your grace feels very thin.

Dean crying is never going to not hurt. Sam, this is a time for hugging. I mean, really. That was a a lightning strike of hugging-need there.

Demon uprising, good idea, bad idea?

And where did Anna go? I like to think she went straight to the Throne; being an angel can't necessarily exempt her from the law, but then again, if she was the superior to Castiel and Uriel, it's not like they can discipline her and I doubt she chose to redux to Hell.

(And okay, I was getting The Last Unicorn vibes all over the place on that. I wonder if returning to grace changes what she's become. I kind of want to think it doesn't. I mean, example Uriel of not being a numb ball of light. Which again, if they are going for a hard Fall to Hell with him, I'm riveted.)

Castiel watching Anna and Dean was fascinating. I don't know what it was, and I don't know what I want it to be. Castiel likes them both. I wonder if he's the reason they never came for Anna before now.

And that's my thoughts. And my continuing hope of Dean/Castiel, because wow. Just. Wow.
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